“Part of any Adapted Yoga Program is to give the nervous system a rest.”

-Eric L. Small, Yoga and Multiple Sclerosis


I first began practicing yoga in 2006 while recovering from injuries from several accidents. The results that I experienced with yoga therapy for healing myself inspired me to study the subject more deeply and with great curiosity.

I am now a Yoga Teacher, specializing in alignment-based therapeutic yoga postures and yoga sequences for a variety of mental and physical health issues.


My yoga teacher training consisted of 200 hours in Purna Yoga with Rachel Krentzman PT and 200 hours of Advanced Studies and Teacher Training at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco, along with over 200 additional hours of specialized training in yoga therapeutics.

After studying yoga extensively, I have successfully integrated advanced concepts in yoga therapeutics into my overall unique approach to exercise prescription and balance retraining for people of all ages, and fall prevention for older adults. 


I am so pleased to see the evidence that is being published indicating that adapted yoga poses can reduce the risk of falling.


To reduce the fall risk for older adults, I have created a 12-hour yoga workshop & accredited continuing education course “Yoga for Better Balance & Posture in Older Adults.”

My training offers geriatric physical therapists, yoga teachers and fitness professionals an additional mode of therapeutic exercise and balance training for older adults, as well as to deepen the teachings of certified yoga teachers.


Now I offer experiential and educational therapeutic yoga workshops for better balance, posture and to combat the normal changes with aging. My therapeutic yoga workshops are appropriate for all levels, from beginners to experienced yoga teachers. Participants must be able to safely practice adapted standing poses in a group setting and get up off the floor independently.

I also teach integrated concepts and yoga poses for better balance and posture in Yoga Teacher Trainings at various yoga studios. 


Interested in hosting a specialty yoga therapeutics workshop at your yoga studio or inviting me to be part of your Yoga Teacher Training program? Contact me with your request.

Gratitude to my Teacher and Mentor:

sherryzakmorrisGratitude to group class photo model Sherry Zak Morris, E-RYT and CEO Owner of Yoga Vista Studio, Yoga Vista Academy and Yoga JP TV! for her continual guidance along the path. She is a nationally-known yoga/wellness expert and leader in the 50+ wellness market. Sherry has blazed quite a trail and I am so blessed to have her lead to follow and her wisdom to light my way.