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Introducing the Yoga Vista Academy Online Workshop: “Imbalance, Dizziness and Vertigo in Older Adults with Dr. Kimberley Bell, DPT!”

  • Are you curious how to skillfully respond to older adults with complaints of imbalance, dizziness and vertigo?
  • Would you like to increase your knowledge and confidence in your understanding of these uncomfortable symptoms?
  • Are you a Yoga Teacher or a Fitness Professional with students who complain of imbalance, dizziness or vertigo during or after your class?

This Online Workshop is for You!

Yoga Vista Academy offers Online Workshops for Yoga Teachers specializing in clients over 50 years old.imbalance, dizziness, vertigo, older adults, yoga vista academy


I am extremely honored to have collaborated with Yoga Vista Academy to bring you the online learning opportunity, “Imbalance, Vertigo and Dizziness in Older Adults with Dr. Kimberley Bell, DPT.”

In this course, I used brain-based learning strategies to empower Yoga Teachers and Healthcare Professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to respond to complaints of dizziness and vertigo in people of any age, focusing on older adults.

Using a Question & Answer lecture format, I explore the basic causes of dizziness and vertigo along with appropriate strategies to keep students safe in a fitness class and where to send them for professional help.

When we created this workshop, the target audience was Yoga Teachers with students over 50, but the feedback we have received from those who have enrolled in this Online Workshop is that the information is important for all people since it relates to Normal Aging of the Inner Ear and Balance Systems.


This 3-hour online workshop includes four Videos from a dynamic lecture that I offered as part of a Yoga Vista Academy Teacher Training course and an Educational Handout packed with helpful information!


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