• Have you ever taken a continuing education course and returned home uncertain as to how to apply what you learned into your daily practice?
  • Do you ever wish your instructor was available to help you with questions as they came up?
  • Does an instructor who is available with clinical support as you integrate the new concepts into your practice sound appealing?

Then you have found the right teacher!

Dr. Kimberley Bell, DPT, is dedicated to providing clinical support to her colleagues and students. Mentorship in Vestibular Rehabilitation is provided to help integrate your newly learned key concepts into clinical practice, and to support you with your most complex difficult cases. The mentorship is offered through Vestibular Study Groups and through professional consultation, by phone as well as in person.

Vestibular Study Groups

Dr. Bell provides leadership, guidance and expert consultation to Vestibular Study Groups made up of those who have completed the Differential Diagnosis of Dizziness, Vertigo & Dysequilibrium course. Topics can focus on differential diagnosis of dizziness, assessment strategies, treatment planning and progression for group members’ specific cases, review of key concepts, or topics that are of interest to the group.

  • In-Person Vestibular Study Group Rate $20 (cash rate)
  • Additional service charge of $2 – to process checks or credit cards
  • In-person study groups meet in San Diego and North County
  • Online study groups may be available – coming soon

Clinical Consultation

  • Clinical consultation by phone rates: $100 for a 30-minute call and $200 for a one-hour call. Contact us to schedule a call.
  • Clinical consultation in-person rates: $200/hour (plus travel expense and travel fees)
  • Availability for clinical consultation varies based on instructor availability.
  • Course graduates are strongly encouraged to participate in Vestibular Study Groups in order to share with other colleagues and learn from each other’s experience.

Contact us today to schedule your clinical consultation or to find out about our upcoming Vestibular Study Groups.

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