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Physicians Say...

Dr. Camille Newton, M.D., Geriatric primary care physician with Home Excel Physicians

Dr. Ian Purcell, M.D., Ph. D., Otoneurologist with Senta Medical Group

“You are a true visionary and pioneer, the work you are doing is so leading-edge, innovative and life saving! ”

-Dr. Roopa Chari, Internal Medicine M.D.

Her Patients Say...

“It was about 5 months into vertigo when I met Kim.

Although, there was a willingness to be free of vertigo before meeting her, there was an insufficient knowledge or guidance from my doctors to cure the symptoms.

Their advice included removing a waxy build-up in my right ear, which also happened to be the side of symptoms.  When that didn’t work, they gave me a prescription for medication to take care of the symptoms. Luckily, I didn’t fill the prescription because shortly thereafter I met Kim.

After two sessions with Kim,  the crystals which I learned were causing the vertigo were gone. I felt tremendously better. However, there were still some residual sensations of dizziness which she told me were because my brain needed to be reprogrammed to regain the balance lost after having vertigo for so long.  She educated me about vertigo and gave me exercises to do several times a day.  It’s been about a month since we started to work together and I’m very grateful to be vertigo-free.

Kim’s positive attitude, compassion and expertise gave me the courage and confidence to allow her to work with me through this difficult time.

Her beautiful energy shines through so clearly in her words. I’m also grateful for her healing work. It’s made such a difference in how I feel.  Each day I’m getting more confident that when I go down on the floor for yoga or onto my bed to sleep that my world won’t start spinning. It’s a really good feeling.

Her unequaled heart-centered, professional wisdom and generosity far exceed the medical model.  Although, I’ve only experienced Kim’s treatment for vertigo, I truly believe that her skill and abilities will flow into all aspects of her work. I highly recommend her to all.  

She is a gift to her profession.”

-Suzen L., Yoga teacher

“Dr. Kim Bell PT provides an exceptional service for those suffering from dizziness. Her work is so needed and is truly excellent. She approaches dizziness problems from all different angles.

This multi-model approach is rare.

She helps people all over the country and internationally.  She has helped me a lot and I am very grateful for her work, her professionalism, her caring, and her warmth.

I recommend her to anyone struggling with dizziness, whatever it’s source and especially if they do not know the source.”

      -Chris S., Life Coach, Psychological Trainer and Writer

“Before Dr. Bell treated me for vertigo, I had every possible examination (including a CT scan) to detect the exact type of vertigo I was suffering from and to rule out other issues.  My vision, hearing and vertigo exams revealed two types of vertigo: Benign Positional Vertigo and a vestibular weakness.

My doctors had some definitive answers, but had less to offer in the way of treatment. Dr. Bell thoroughly reviewed all reports and was able to treat me successfully in two sessions.

During her evaluation, I felt completely confident in her ability even though some parts of the process were necessarily, disorienting. She offered continual education and reassurance.

While I was working with her, I felt I understood every step of the process. What might otherwise have been an alarming experience was greatly minimized due to her careful explanations and kind and compassionate attention.

Afterwards, Dr. Bell gave me a series of exercises which I still practice. My balance has improved; however, some types of vertigo do recur.

A year later, I developed symptoms of incipient vertigo, so I called Dr. Bell immediately. I had compounded the problem by doing yoga inversions, but she was able to correct the situation in one session.

I was back in yoga class the following week.

I would recommend Dr. Bell’s services without hesitation. Her combined attributes of compassion, expertise and motivation to teach ensure patients both will find relief and learn how to manage life after treatment.

I am grateful to Dr. Bell because I was not only able to return to normal activities almost immediately, but I learned significantly from the experience.

       -Deb S., Yogi

“After suffering from Vertigo and Migraines for over 12 years seeing Neurologists, Ear nose and throat specialists and taking advice from anyone to get relief, I was finally introduced to Kim from my ART friend Dan Selstad.

I’d been ill for 8 days and felt so desperate for relief, I called Kim and within 30 minutes I received a call back. She had an opening at 2pm that day.

I was nervous as I had no idea what to expect, we spent the first hour chatting about my history, I had notes and records from every doctor I’d seen over the years.

Kim is extremely thorough, so this was helpful information for her to diagnose me. My diagnosis is: right posterior canal BPPV [and Meniere’s Migraine Variant.]We finished up with the Epley treatment, not fun, but sticking it out is crucial for relief. This is when you will appreciate what a wonderful person Kim is. It took 5 Epley’s to clear the Vertigo, Kim kept reassuring me she was not going to leave until I was okay.

Kim is the most caring, compassionate person I have ever met, she suffers from Vertigo and Migraines and is extremely patient and kind.

Kim texted me the next morning and evening to check in.

I am so grateful to have her in my life; she is such an incredible person.

Like she said when she left, “We are in this together Kris, I’m only a phone call away.”

All the staff at Kenny Sheppard Spine and Sports Clinic where Dan Selstad works tell me that their patients rave about Kim in the same way I have.

Kim you are our angel, thanks for the tender loving care.”

     -Kris R., Triathlete

“First of all, as I told you in person, I believe your talents and focus on helping people with vertigo issues makes you ‘a gift to the universe’ – not just a great find for me. I’ve been completely laid low by two debilitating episodes of vertigo in the past 2 years that descended on me as if out of the blue while at work, landing me first in the ER, and in the second case again at the doctor’s office where I was prescribed meclizine.

Had I not found you and learned from you what I now know about the condition and the mistreatment of this condition, I would, I am sure, have found myself on a path to dementia later in life. These episodes were so disruptive, based on just a tiny maladjusted part of my inner ear, with virtually no real cure from the doctors in my HMO but to treat the nausea and vomiting, that I surely would have come to rely on my own on prescription meclizine to help keep me functioning in the future.

Now, thanks to what you taught me about the dangers of continuous use of such [vertigo suppression] drugs…, I feel I have avoided an awful fate.

Furthermore, I believe I have an ace in the hole by knowing you and knowing I can rely on you to work with me through physical therapy to resolve any future inner ear disturbances. Your knowledge is both detailed and comprehensive. Your attention is thorough and very considerate.

You also gave me some insights on medications that I have been able to pass along to friends and family. For example, my mate who has been relying on certain types of sleep aids is reconsidering the pills she takes.

And, in our sessions to determine my inner ear condition, you have also been able to throw in a few bonus tips on exercising and pain relief from your background as a general physical therapist to help me with my increasingly creaky, cranky aging body.

In short, you make me feel very comfortable and secure.

Thank you so much! I don’t need to say this explicitly, as I have been saying it all along, but – yes! – I would definitely recommend your services to anybody!”

     -Igor K., 58 years old, PhD, Professor

“Before I consulted with Dr. Bell, most of the physical therapists I had worked with did not seem as knowledgeable as she was, and were unable to zero into my problems.

She is the only one who addressed my blood pressure dropping to nothing upon going from sitting to standing, and [identified] the necessity for me to wait and count to 20 before moving [after I stand up].

Before I met her, I fell many times injuring myself, suffering additional concussions and multiple trips to the emergency room. Dr. Bell said to face forward when getting into my shower.

She suggested supportive grab bars and their specific placement in the bathroom. I still remember her instructions.

She always spoke so clearly I remember all she said these years later.

Her understanding, patience and friendliness were a delight, and made me look forward to her appointments.

Today, I wish we were closer to each other because I would absolutely continue to work with her and seek her help with my balance issues.”

-Carla R.

“Before seeking treatment from Dr. Bell, I had been screened very briefly by a doctor who told me what I had was not BPPV.

I felt very discouraged and wasn’t sure what was wrong or why I was experiencing vertigo. This doctor told me my symptoms would subside and it would just take some time.

After meeting with Dr. Bell, i was convinced once again that what I had was BPPV and that she could help me.

Dr. Bell was able to treat me in about 10 minutes and educated me on why this condition happens and the different factors that can contribute to the severity of it.

After just one treatment my symptoms were resolved. I love that she has a holistic approach to her healing.

Besides the BPPV maneuvers she performed, she also guided me through various exercises to help me relax and was very patient and understanding when it came to the stresses I was feeling about having BPPV.

I would highly recommend her to anyone with vertigo symptoms.

It was clear she took a real interest in my well-being – she even took the time outside of her appointment with me to follow up with a phone call and see how I was doing the following days.”

– Monique L., SDSU DPT Student

“Before I met Dr. Kimberley Bell, I had been suffering for many years with Vertigo.

I have no idea why – I would suddenly just start spinning.

Over the years, it seemed to come more often and even started to last for several days. One-day episodes every several years, I could handle.

But being stuck in bed – spinning and having nausea for 5 days in a row – I realized I needed to find someone to help me.

Unfortunately, in the past, no one knew anyone to specifically help me with this.

My primary care doctor, whom I love, would just tell me to take sea sickness/motion medicine. That was no longer a good answer for me.

I started asking everyone I could think of, and finally my chiropractor referred me to Dr. Kimberley Bell.

She has changed my life!

I gave her a call, and I can still remember my conversation with her. She spent so much time on the phone with me, asking me questions about how I felt each time I experienced Vertigo.

She told me that I was experiencing different kinds of Vertigo.

First I remember saying to myself, “What does she know by just talking to me and who is this person telling me she can help me?”

NOBODY had ever even CARED about my Vertigo before, let alone tell me they could help me. And add to that – she came to my house to help me.

Not only did she come to me, but NEVER do I remember having a doctor (except after surgery), follow through with me and be so genuinely concerned about my well being!

She continued to follow up with me for weeks. Periodically checking on me, making sure I was doing okay, and reminding me that she was here for me if I needed her!!!

NO LIE, this is all the truth! Anytime I hear of someone suffering from Vertigo, I immediately give them Dr. Bell’s number.

She has truly taken away the fear of me suffering from something that has a name “Vertigo” – even though no one else can help me with it.

I only wish I knew about her sooner. THANK YOU Dr. Bell!”

– Dawn B.

“Before my friend told me about Dr. Bell, my ignorance prevented me from seeking treatment for vertigo. After working with Dr. Bell, I experienced less dizziness and learned new ways to stop triggering it.

She was very present, kind and convincingly capable of solving my problem.

Dr. Bell is a doctor I can trust – I trust her skills and caring. I highly recommend her services to others suffering with vertigo, without a question or hesitation.

Admit the frequency of unsteadiness, loss of balance, and bumping into things – and stop procrastinating and postponing treatment – call Dr. Bell. Just do it!”

-Adrien S.

Families & Caregivers Say...

“The biggest obstacle I faced before meeting Kimberley was knowledge.

Knowledge is power in all walks of life and even caring for an elderly person. Our society does not prepare us for caring for a love one or the elderly until we are thrown in to a traumatic situation. Very few who delve into the world of caregiving because of an aging parent know anything about what preventative care is all about. There are many free resources out there via the internet. But the key word here is preventative care. I remember visiting one of our community based activity center for those over 55 years of age. I did so on the advice of a family friend. That’s all I had to go on starting my journey in caring for my mom [after she had a devastating fall that prevented her from returning back home to live alone and resulted in her living with me full-time].

This bit of advice [from the internet and senior community centers] can be helpful but it only scratches the surface of what lies ahead in the world of caregiving.

In my mind, I had a beginning and an end, but no middle. Kimberley filled in the middle. Her assessment of the situation was lightning fast because Kimberley pays attention to detail.

She first saw all the wonderful things about my mom’s living situation and managed mom’s recovery around that. Kimberley’s attitude and encouragement were always in the forefront of our time together all the while she treated my mom and developed a plan for me for the rest of my mother’s time with me.

She was invaluable to our success.

Kimberley comes from a place of genuine love by nature. She is a centered, thoughtful and focused doctor. She wasted no time in developing a plan for me with homework assignments that encouraged progress. A plan is everything! Kimberley didn’t forget about me, the caregiver. Every time she left my home, she would ask what I was going to do for myself that day.

Three other benefits of working with Dr. Bell include:

1. Shared knowledge. In that I mean she saw an opportunity to share caregiving information with me throughout our sessions whether it was an article, book or website.

2. Technical Information. I was up to date on all the basic tools I needed at home to monitor and care for my mom. No big expenses.

3. Follow up. Kimberley didn’t leave anything to chance.

“I felt very confident that I could care for my mom when our sessions had to come to an end.

I would highly recommend her services to other families and caregivers.  In fact, I would wait for Kimberley to be available, if the situation allowed.  

This young woman is a well-rounded doctor at the top of her game. She is dedicated to what she does and her heart is in it too. That’s a great combination.”

-Missy Sepulvado, Full time caregiver for her Mom
Carmel, California

“You are dedicated, you inspire others, you are talented, and we are blessed to know you.”

-Shirley F. 

Yoga Teachers and Fitness Professionals Say...

“Welcome to awesome, Kimberley! Your workshop, “Yoga for Better Balance & Posture in Older Adults” was so amazing. It has already been a week.

I tried 2-3 asana’ s from the [balance and posture] workshop in my yoga classes this week and they loved it.

The students felt looser and walked out of my class with their posture more erect. I subscribed to your YouTube channel as well.”

       -With Gratitude and Fingershugs, D.L.Sweet RYT- 200

“Even though I am not a physical therapist (I’m a personal trainer that only works with older adults) and I therefore could not receive any continuing education units from taking this course, I assisted in Dr. Kim Bell’s 3-day course on “Assessment and Treatment of Dizziness, Vertigo, and Dysequilibrium in Older Adults” because I wanted to learn as much as I could about balance, fall prevention, and vestibular issues. Was I ever glad I showed up!

Here’s why:

      • Dr. Bell is a gifted instructor. She uses a wide variety of teaching methods so the hours fly by. We were so busy absorbing the immense amount of information that we didn’t get a chance to even think about being bored.
      • From the very first few minutes in class, Dr. Bell created a relaxed, encouraging environment. Following her lead, participants seemed to leave their egos at the door, and opened up about admitting what they felt they needed to learn. There were a lot of laughs and a lovely camaraderie in the group, thanks to Kim’s warm and engaging leadership.
      • It was reassuring to realize that our instructor is a true expert about balance and vestibular issues. She confidently answered every question about these complex subjects, and when she didn’t know the answer, (which was rare) she instantly offered to find out the exact answer from one of her mentors. Sure enough, she returned the next day with clear answers.

It was obvious that she is passionate about teaching, and she knows her topic better than any physical therapist (and most Doctors!) that I have ever met.

I wish that every personal trainer that works with older adults could have the luxury of assisting Dr. Bell in this course.

After attending the workshop, I feel much more competent and confident to help my clients thrive!”

-Sue Grant
A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer
Master Certified FallProof Instructor, FAFS, CAFS, Nike Golf Performance Specialist

“I am a Personal Trainer who has specialized in working with older adults for the last 6 years, many of whom have experienced the frustration of balance struggles & unexplained falls. I attended Dr Bell’s seminar “A Fresh Perspective in Geriatric Fall Prevention” and gained new insight into the wide scope of contributing factors that the vast majority of trainers are not taught to identify or assess.

Her hands-on approach to learning enabled me to learn AND confidently perform vestibular dysfunction screenings, enhanced assessment of geriatric vital signs [and make appropriate referrals]. Dr. Bell’s training has equipped me to accurately identify and manage many of my clients’ personalized needs while educating all of them as a preventive measure.

The Bell Method is the benchmark in older adult health care. Dr Bell’s passion and knowledge make this a “MUST HAVE” addition to the continuous education portfolio for providers and trainers servicing this ever-growing segment of the population.

Thank you Dr. Bell for broadening my knowledge and making me a more effective trainer!

       -Robbin A. Leopold
       A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer
       Advanced Fitness Specialist


Physical Therapists Say...

“Before I took Dr. Bell’s course, the biggest obstacles for me were not having the knowledge, skills, and confidence to feel comfortable with performing the correct dizziness and vertigo assessment tests and then providing the right treatment, especially working with the senior population.

Her training made me realize how I much I really did not know when it came to assessing and treating vestibular problems.

I had so many ah-ha moments and thought of many previous patients that I could have really helped if I had this training before. I think all PT’s should take this course, it is something we don’t learn in school, but is so valuable to have in our toolbox.

I really loved the way Kim presented the material, she made something complex easy to understand in a practical way.

I had taken one dizziness and vertigo course before, but I came away more confused and felt I did not really understand enough practically to apply the training with my patients the next week.

With this training, I felt confident to start to apply the assessment and treatment techniques right away as it made much more sense.

Other benefits of taking her course are, first of all, that Kim is such a dynamic speaker, she really keeps the class interesting and has a good pulse on making sure we are all learning and also having fun at the same time. Second, I feel that Kim’s knowledge and experience in this area allows her to bring a depth to the course I wasn’t able to get before. A third benefit is the structure of the course, and how it is taught. I think that is so important as one can get lost in learning obscure tests that we would very rarely use. Kim is able to cut to the chase and teach us what we will use the most in the clinic, which makes more sense to me.

I would highly recommend this course to all PTs. I think it is a ‘must’ as it fills a knowledge gap most of us never learned in PT school and it changes the way we look at dizziness and vertigo, which I realized is much more prevalent than I originally thought.

I think the material applies to many clinical settings from inpatient rehab to outpatient orthopedics. If you work in geriatrics, then it is a necessity to have these tools available, as dizziness and vertigo and repeated falls are so common.”

Jim Prussack, PT
Owner, In-Home Therapy Services

“Prior to taking Dr. Bell’s vestibular training course I felt overwhelmed and undereducated on the pathophysiologies behind vestibular dysfunction and falls. I also struggled with developing appropriate treatment programs for the patients suffering from these disorders.  

I was over-cautious in evaluating and treating patients because I was too afraid to bring on the signs and symptoms for which they were seeking help.

With Dr. Bell’s training, I am now armed with thorough knowledge on the pathophysiologies of vestibular dysfunction.

I am, thus, able to determine the cause of a specific patient’s symptoms and to what extent it is safe to elicit those signs and symptoms.  I have learned the red flags that will lead me to send a patient for further evaluation by their doctor, if necessary.

Most importantly, I am able to confidently treat patients while educating them on why they were experiencing certain symptoms. My patients can, therefore, understand my rationale for my designing a particular course of treatment for them.

Dr. Bell’s teaching methods address a variety of learning styles, making her a superior instructor.  She incorporates multi-media presentations, hands-on skill training with instructor feedback, and case studies to assist all types of learners with absorbing a challenging subject matter.

Her vestibular course will help you become confident and effective with evaluating and treating patients in a niche in which many PT’s feel overwhelmed and incompetent.

Dr. Bell’s vestibular course will provide you with simple yet novel treatments, exercises, and exercise progressions that will assist you with empowering your patients to lead their own way to improved function.

Dr. Bell’s extensive training and experience with treating vestibular patients make her a superior mentor for PT’s taking her courses.

Her continued guidance and support beyond her courses helps PT’s receive continued feedback and advice as they put into practice the new skills and expertise that they have learned during her courses.

She is an expert PT in the field of vestibular dysfunction and falls in older adults.  It will amaze you how much you will learn and how confident you will become in this field in such a short amount of time!”

           -Cindy Rapp, PT

“Before meeting Kim, I was intimidated to treat patients with dizziness and vertigo. Vertigo was a topic I knew a little about, but I was not truly confident in my skills to assess and treat, so I tended to shy away from it.

As a result of studying with Kim, I gained a much clearer understanding of basic vestibular dysfunction as well as confidence in assessing and treating patients with complaints of dizziness and vertigo.

Kim has an amazing ability to make complicated subjects seem more clear so that you can understand the basic concepts.

She reinforces key concepts in order to build your confidence and ensure you have a strong foundation to build from. Kim has a knack for describing complex topics in an understandable way.

After taking classes with Kim, I gained a great knowledge of vestibular dysfunction of a variety of sources, increased confidence in my skill set and ability to help patients with dizziness, and increased inspiration and motivation to learn more about vestibular disorders.

I would absolutely recommend taking education courses with Kim.  She has a gift for teaching and I am lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from her.”

-Susan Faltico, PT
Safe Strides Team Lead, Gentiva Health Services
NOW a Herdman-Certified Vestibular Specialist!

“In the past, I felt truly helpless in treating a patient with vertigo…

because it wasn’t a problem I could identify as a strength deficit or due to a lack of safety equipment in their environment, etc.  It is due to a problem in our vestibular system (which I did not fully understand the function of) and how it communicates with our brain and also our visual and proprioceptive systems and the information they add to our attempts to maintain balance.

Kim taught me tests to do with my patients and what questions to ask them, so that I could identify where the problem was and either treat it or talk to their doctor about my findings so that he/she could make a referral to the proper specialist.

She gave me a clear picture of the function of the vestibular system and the other systems that affect balance.

What I liked about her teaching style is that she made herself available to come with me on a patient visit and watch me perform the evaluation and tests to know that I was doing them correctly. Then we could discuss treatment strategies for the patient. That was invaluable to me. Kim presented material clearly and related it to practical ideas which could be used with patients in treating BPPV and other balance problems.

Kim doesn’t just teach, she is a wonderful example of someone who gives her time to help her community. She has worked on the SD County Fall Prevention Task Force for many years, made videos and presented numerous lectures on Fall Prevention. Thus, she has reached a huge number of people to educate them about fall prevention.

By taking her courses, we can also be a part of that effort to educate more people so that they can prevent falls or get treatment for vertigo or other balance problems.”

-Kris Goldstein, PT
Accentcare Home Health

“The vestibular system is a very complex and intimidating system in our body that is hard to understand and grasp for a lot of people.

Kimberley Bell is an amazing instructor that takes her time to explain it in detail with many visuals, demonstrations, easy to read and follow charts, and a calming reassurance and openness to keep asking questions until you get it.

I learned so much in just one weekend of her course “Assessment & Treatment of Dizziness, Vertigo and Dysequilibrium in  Older Adults” and feel much more confident on treating my patients who are having dizziness and vertigo leading to many other problems.

And it shows…a lot of my patients are finally experiencing life free of dizziness and vertigo, or able to manage it much better for the more stubborn cases.

Kimberley Bell’s knowledge of the vestibular system, dizziness and vertigo is exceptional and I am thrilled she is going to continue teaching others to become better medical practitioners and help our community to live a happier, healthier life.

Her teaching style kept it interesting and easy to follow.  The hands-on training increased our confidence and skills with treating patients.

I really valued her availability to assist with the first treatment of a patient having vestibular involvement after the course and being able to call with further questions and guidance. I really value all the tools she gave us during the course: the big folder of information we made in the course that I refer to, the manual BP cuff and stethoscope which I use all the time now instead of the mechanical BP cuffs which can be inaccurate and don’t allow you to hear the actual cardiovascular system, the highlighter and flashlight for ocular testing, the stopwatches, and of course our certificates at the end with the CEU units earned.

Kimberley – I really value meeting you as a teacher, coworker and great friend.  It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you and share positive ideas and life experiences. I recommend your course to other PTs all the time!  You are really amazing and I’m so happy and proud that you are moving forward in sharing your knowledge and teaching talent to the medical community who will really benefit from it like I have.  

Thank you for making me a better PT.”

-Kimi Brown, MSPT
In-Home Therapy Services of San Diego, CA

“Prior to completing Dr. Kimberley Bell’s course, “Assessment & Treatment of Dizziness, Vertigo & Dysequilibrium in Older Adults,” subjective reports of dizziness and vertigo were a significant barrier to effective rehabilitation and a source of confusion and patient safety concerns. 

Following the course I was immediately able to begin implementing effective vestibular techniques into practice with very effective results. The techniques that Dr. Bell incorporates into her course will help to allow you to improve the quality of patients’ lives much faster than many other strategies of rehabilitation.

One of the best aspects of the course was a great deal of lab time allowing one to feel comfortable with incorporating the techniques into daily practice. Other valuable aspects of the course were alternative methods to improve patients strength, balance, and functional mobility enabling higher quality physical therapy care.

I would absolutely recommend the course to any healthcare professional involved in any way with geriatric practice.

If you have always found Vestibular Rehabilitation to be an interesting but mysterious aspect of Physical Therapy practice that you would like to learn more about and incorporate into your own practice, this is the course for you!”

-Dr. Jon Mayo, PT, DPT, CSCS

“Dr. Kim Bell’s course provides a compassionate environment to learn evidence-based interventions entwined with a holistic approach to practically and successfully treat balance and vestibular impairments in the elderly population.

Dr. Bell masters a safe, fun, learning environment for the novel and experienced P.T. to hone skills and clinical judgment. The education Dr. Bell offers does not end when the course is over, it just begins. She is committed to being available to help each student apply their new knowledge in their practice.

I highly recommend this course to ALL home health based therapists and to any therapist treating our aging population.

Thank you Dr. Bell.”

        -Rose Rode, DPT
        Sharp Memorial Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation

“Thank you again for an amazing weekend of learning, ongoing inspiration and most of all FUN!

Dr. Kim Bell’s course is hands down the best continuing education course that I have ever taken. Her information is immediately applicable in the clinic and she has a way of teaching that brings out the most important aspects.

I was able to start applying the material and give out resources/handouts immediately after taking the course rather than my usual experience with Con-Ed classes in which I would leave the course feeling like I had to go back and study the material before I felt confident to apply it in the clinic. And I definitely left eager to apply it and learn more.

Kim is just one of those people that you want to be around and absorb her love, knowledge and passion for helping others. I highly recommend her course. It was a life changer for me and I’m sure for many many others that took the course and now their patients too.”

          -Dr. Katya Hurwitz, DPT

“I have had the pleasure of taking 3 courses with Dr. Bell:

      • Differential Diagnosis of Dizziness, Vertigo, and Dysequilibrium
      • A Fresh Perspective in Geriatric Fall Prevention: Dizziness, Incontinence & Neuropathy
      • Yoga for Better Balance & Posture in Older Adults.

After these courses, I felt comfortable immediately implementing assessment techniques and interventions with patients, and did so with great success!

Dr. Bell teaches at a level where all course attendees can understand the content, while at the same time ensuring there is never a dull moment. She has spent years perfecting her teaching strategies and it shows. These courses offer great value for the novice or the expert.

Each class with Dr. Bell is uniquely different.

She draws on the expertise of each student to add further enrichment and differing perspectives and depth to the course. I greatly recommend taking any course with her, especially if you have geriatric clients.

My experience with Dr. Bell has been truly rewarding and has given me priceless tools to utilize in my practice.”

         -Dr. Christina Estrem, DPT  

“Before taking Dr. Bell’s course, I felt very unsure when treating vestibular patients. I felt that my lack of confidence affected my quality of treatment.

After taking Dr. Bell’s course, I felt fully capable of assessing and treating any vestibular patient that entered my clinic and, if I felt physical therapy could not help them, I had the confidence to refer them to the appropriate sources.

Taking Dr. Bell’s course not only helped me effectively treat patients with complaints of vertigo, but also improved my treatment of general balance patients and patients at high fall risk.

What I liked most about the training was that it was fun!

Dr. Bell provides a very warm and interactive learning environment, in which you don’t have to be afraid to ask questions. Her teaching style was very applicable to immediate use in the clinic, and it made sense

I recommend this course to any PT that feels they could use brushing up on their vestibular assessment and treatment skill set.”

         -Michelle Baxter, PT, DPT

“Thanks Kim, I enjoyed the class tonight! On my drive home I was thinking that you are probably one of the most caring and enthusiastic people I have met.

You are really a blessing to our profession and I hope you realize that!”

Jennifer Hudson, MPT
Physiotherapy Associates

“With the first few folks I treated after your [Differential Diagnosis of Dizziness, Vertigo & Dysequilibrium Course], I was amazed at how the addition of my 30+ years of clinical experience as a physical therapist slid into place along the new info and techniques. Very cool indeed! 

In particular, the ability to discern the pieces of TBI/brain compromise, cervical (especially upper), cranial nerve, vestibular, ortho, and functional deficit served to efficiently help more than one of my patients who had some of ALL the above issues.

Each visit indicated progress and the swift course of treatment has been enlightening.”

     -Jera Ratliff, PT

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