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Dr. Kimberley Bell specializes in the treatment of vertigo.

Specialized vertigo care and dizziness treatment for patients of all ages 

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Dr. Kim Bell, DPT is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in dizziness and vertigo care in San Diego, California and the surrounding areas. Her mission is to rescue people suffering with dizziness, vertigo, balance problems, and falls.

Whether you have a new problem or a chronic case lasting for years, contact us today to request your FREE 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Bell.

With her unique, comprehensive methodology – The Bell Method™, she has helped thousands of patients of all ages with root cause analysis and resolution of these uncomfortable symptoms. She attracts many medical tourists who are desperate for answers and relief.

Dr. Bell wants to help you get your life back!

Free 15-Minute Phone Consultation

I was experiencing dizziness and nausea for months and went to regular doctors hoping they would help, but they only prescribed me medication leaving me tired and with no cure. I found Dr. Bell’s info about vertigo on YouTube and was so impressed with the information she shared that I reached out to her for more help.

She did a phone call with me later that day and determined she could help me. She was able to see me the next day and after the first session with her, my symptoms dramatically improved. She gave me lots of helpful info to take home, and we set up another session. In the next session, my symptoms were just about gone. With her guidance about what to do at home, within days my symptoms were completely gone. I’m so happy to be feeling like myself again. I’m now confident that I have the tools and info in case this ever happens again.

If you are experiencing vertigo at all, I highly recommend Dr. Bell. She is one of the most compassionate and helpful doctors I have ever met. She really cares about her patients and gives you a plan to full recovery. She is amazing!!!

- Amanda G.

Why trust Dr. Kim Bell, DPT?

Dr. Bell has:

  • Both a Doctorate Degree and a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy
  • Advanced Training in Dizziness, Vertigo, Imbalance, and Falls
  • Taught as Adjunct Faculty at Doctorate of Physical Therapy Programs from coast to coast in the USA
  • 20+ years of education and experience in physical therapy
  • Successfully resolved thousands of patient cases
  • UC-TV shows with over 500,000+ total views
  • Lead San Diego’s Fall Prevention Task Force since 2006
  • Recognition as a “Public Health Champion” in San Diego County
  • Helped patients who travel to San Diego from all over the globe with the most complex and difficult cases!


Kim Bell is a lifesaver! When I found her my vertigo was so bad I couldn’t drive my car! I couldn’t even walk around my house without holding onto walls. I had just suffered from a severe head trauma in a ski accident and was in bad shape. I reached out to friends for recommendations on someone who could help me with my vertigo issues.

Kim was the person who was recommended to me and I am so glad I called her! She called me back that day and came to my house to help me that afternoon. She was prompt, thorough, professional, caring and passionate about what she does. She helped me fix my vertigo problems in one appointment!!!

- Jeni V.