Dr. Bell is here for you.
Dr. Kimberley Bells specializes in the treatment of vertigo.

Dr. Kimberley Bell, DPT is a licensed physical therapist who has treated or consulted with thousands of patients suffering with dizziness, vertigo, imbalance, and unexplained repeated falls.

Her mission is to reduce the suffering of people who feel at the end of the road with no hope. Dr. Bell’s experience, wisdom, and compassion often enhance peace, well-being, and passion for life in her patients.

With her unique, comprehensive methodology – The Bell Method™, she helps patients of all ages with these uncomfortable symptoms and attracts many international patients who are desperate for answers and relief.

It’s been about a month since we started to work together and I’m very grateful to be vertigo-free. 

Kim’s positive attitude, compassion and expertise gave me the courage and confidence to allow her to work with me through this difficult time. Her unequaled heart-centered, professional wisdom and generosity far exceed the medical model.

I highly recommend her to all.  She is a gift to her profession.” - Suzen L.



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