Benefits of the Bell Method®

What are the benefits of choosing
Kim Bell Physical Therapy Inc. for your care?


Dr. Kim Bell, DPT and her team are expert clinicians, pioneers, and industry leaders in this specialty area. The Bell Method® team has over 50 years of combined experience and education in physical therapy.

Dr. Bell is a recognized leader with the highest level of advanced training in her field, including a Masters Degree and a Doctorate Degree.


Dr. Bell and her team use her comprehensive, detailed, and unique methodology called The Bell Method® to determine which body systems are contributing to your discomfort. They combine evidence-based, multi-system assessment and treatment with “outside the box” innovative concepts developed by Dr. Bell.

She and her team are not subject to tunnel vision like many healthcare providers.


Dr. Bell accepts and highly values referrals from physicians, but a referral is not required to receive her care. California state law allows direct access to physical therapy services without a physician’s referral. Don’t delay, call today!


Your clinician is available to you by email, so you will feel supported and receive timely answers to your questions. Dr. Bell replies to emails during business hours within 3 business days.

You will have a dedicated physical therapist who knows you. No middle man. No runaround.


No one likes getting unexpected bills from healthcare providers, so Kim Bell Physical Therapy Inc. operates with price transparency.

You decide up front if their services are within your reach. No secret pricing. No hidden fees. No unexpected bills. Ever.


Dr. Bell and her team are free to provide the care you need. Dr. Bell’s care is not restricted by insurance requirements, limitations, or delays.


You will receive direct, one-on-one care from your highly skilled physical therapist at each visit from start to finish.

No assistants. No aides. No technicians. No other patients around. You will get the undivided attention you need and deserve.


Dr. Bell can offer visits if needed during high demand times (after 5 pm and weekends).

For an extra fee, house calls are available in certain parts of San Diego County.

Dr. Bell and her team strive to take excellent care of their patients, so you can get your life back!

I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Kim Bell. I had an intense Vertigo episode where I had to go to the ER by ambulance, was treated and released the same day with no true real treatment, just a prescription for nausea and dizziness medications, like I said no real treatment.

The next day I started doing my research online and found Dr. Bell. She returned my call within minutes and from the moment we started our conversation she showed she cared! Set an appointment for a house call!! That was incredible to me in this day and age!

It took only a few sessions (no medication) And she was able to effectively treat my complicated case of vertigo. She took the time to really make sure it was treated and followed up on a consistent basis to see how I was feeling.

There are so many (thousands) of people out there that live with this and don’t know what to do or think that there is no cure, they need to know about Dr. Kim Bell!

I highly recommend Dr. Bell to anyone with even a mild case of Vertigo. Call Her

Joe H.

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