BPPV Vertigo can affect anyone at anytime, even Princesses and Presidents!

BPPV vertigo

BPPV Image courtesy of the Vestibular Disorders Association at Vestibular.org

The topic of vertigo quickly changes from irrelevant to emergency when people least expect it. That’s why I encourage you to read my blog and share my blog posts, so you and your loved ones are aware of what to do.

This blog shares two recent news stories about world famous people with BPPV.

In the news recently, Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway has been struggling with symptoms caused by BPPV vertigo. In this articleshe is quoted as saying she is afraid to do certain movements for fear it will trigger the crystals.

Maldivian Ex-President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom is also suffering from BPPV vertigo. In this article, they correctly state that BPPV vertigo can affect cognition and it can cause chronic falls that are more likely to result in a bone fracture. 

I have blogged about these key points that show how important it is for those who suffer from BPPV vertigo to find the right provider. About 85-90% of BPPV can be completely cured in 1-2 sessions with a competent provider!

Unfortunately, the articles do not mention of the high rate of resolution of BPPV vertigo with the proper care by a skilled provider.

I hope both of these world famous leaders learn the correct information about BPPV vertigo and find the right provider soon.

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