Are you seeking information on how to defeat normal aging, foot neuropathy, and leaky bladder?

Are you unsatisfied with your care options for foot neuropathy?

Are you seeking another option besides taking medication for bladder control problems?

Dr. Kim Bell, DPT has created these multi-media E-courses for you and those you love or care for.

Dr. Bell has a private physical therapy practice in San Diego, California, USA and she realizes that many people cannot travel to see her or afford to pay out-of-pocket for a private physical therapist.

These multimedia e-courses represent a lower cost option for curious people who are looking for answers and information to improve their quality of life with foot neuropathy and leaky bladder!

Foot Neuropathy

Dr. Bell has discovered that unaddressed foot problems and foot neuropathy can cause dizziness, imbalance, and falls in older adults. For patients with foot neuropathy, there are very limited options for medical care.

So she has developed an innovative e-course called “Foot Therapy for Fall Prevention.

Whether you have been formally diagnosed with foot neuropathy or you are just noticing that your feet feel different than they used to, this e-course may be just what you are looking for.

Bladder Control Problems

Dr. Bell has noticed a connection between bladder control problems, dizziness, and falls in older adults. Many of her patients will purposefully dehydrate themselves to prevent embarrassing accidents.

Dehydration can result in chronic dizziness and falls.

Yet certain medications that are commonly prescribed  for bladder control can cause dementia with long term use.

That is why Dr. Bell has consulted with experts across the country to develop an e-course called “Improve Bladder Control Re-Training Program.”

Multi-Media Format

Both e-courses have handouts, videos, and audio files for all different types of learning.

Even if you are not able to consult with Dr. Bell in person, one or both of these e-courses may be just what you need to get your life back.

Online Courses

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