Dr Kim Bell, DPT answers some of your Foot Neuropathy Questions

Q: What are the treatment options for feet numbness due to spinal stenosis?

I suggest that you find a physical therapist who specializes in and treats the spine.

These physical therapists are called Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists.

You may need to make more space in between the vertebrae of the spine through physical therapy exercises and possibly manual therapy.

The key thing with foot neuropathy with spinal stenosis is to get good treatment for your low back.

Q: How to deal with hot, burning feet?

This is a very good foot neuropathy question. The first thing to do is to make sure your primary care health provider is aware because they may want to do some special tests or order some bloodwork to investigate the root cause of the hot burning feet.

They may refer you to a podiatrist or to a neurologist to look into it further. You want to investigate the cause of this with the help of your doctors and any specialist that your doctor recommends.

You may need special footwear.

Your doctor may prescribe medication for neuropathy, which is pretty much the standard of care.

Another option that some people have success with is my bean box program which contains exercises for foot neuropathy. You may want to consider the E-course I have created for foot therapy.

Even if you are not interested in my e-course, you can go to physical therapy to learn leg exercises for neuropathy.

When the blood flow increases from exercising, that can reduce the hotness or the burning.

But the first step I would encourage you to do is to tell your doctor and follow whatever treatment plan they recommend.

I hope we have answered some of your foot neuropathy questions. It is important to address foot neuropathy to reduce the risk of falling.

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