Singing for Joy

For relaxation and healing, Dr. Bell enjoys singing. Originally, she began to sing a capella by herself and around her closest friends.

She took two guitar lessons from a friend in October of 2014 and has discovered a love for playing guitar while she sings. She is now self-taught on the guitar.

During her walking meditations, Dr. Bell often hears beautiful melodies and lyrics which she is able to record on her phone. Later she discovers the guitar chords and rhythm strumming pattern for her newborn baby song.

Kimberley has now written over twenty original healing songs, which she regularly performs for her friends. She leads singing with and without guitar for her meditation group.

She has also discovered the soothing benefits of “imaginary singing” for healing and relaxation, while experiencing sensitivity to sound during a migraine episode.

Dr. Bell now regularly writes and plays original music to generate self-compassion, peace and healing.

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