How can a Physical Therapist who specializes in dizziness and vertigo offer an online course called “Improve Bladder Control: Evidence-Based Bladder Retraining Program?”

It is very interesting that I have discovered that many people do not drink enough water in order to prevent embarrassing accidents and that causes dizziness when they stand up.

I have consulted on enough cases of purposeful dehydration to avoid bladder accidents that I realized bladder retraining needed to be part of the comprehensive Bell Method™ approach to defeat dizziness.

I have been using the exercises that I included in this evidence-based online program since 2007 with my patients in my clinical practice and the results have amazed me!

Some of my patients have seen improvements in bladder control in only 2 weeks! Their quality of life has dramatically improved, especially their sleep.

That is why I decided to create this online program – in order to reach more people who are suffering with a leaking bladder, an uncontrolled urge to urinate and/ or frequent urination causing disrupted activities during the day and interrupted sleep at night.

Since I am not an expert in urology or incontinence myself, I hired a private consultant who is a licensed physical therapist in Florida and a Certified Specialist in bladder therapy for incontinence.

First I attended one of her lectures at a continuing education conference and then, with her expert help, I reviewed the latest research on bladder therapy along with the Clinical Practice Guidelines for best practices in bladder retraining.

That is how I created the online course I am now offering to Improve Bladder Control and I am proud that it is an evidence-based program with exercises and education to help men and women of all ages get their life back!



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