Dr. Kim Bell, DPT in the Press

We are pleased to share our Press Coverage promoting our Message of Hope for those who suffer with dizziness, vertigo, imbalance and unexplained repeated falls.


Dizziness & Vertigo: Part I – Research on Aging (UC-TV)

Balance & Aging – How to Prevent Falls (For Patients)

Fall Prevention for Clinicians

ElderHelp Dizziness & Vertigo Webinar (For Caregivers)

BPPV: A Covert Cause of Dizziness after Concussion (Beyond Concussion Workshop)

Dizziness & Vertigo: Part II – Research on Aging (UC-TV)

Balance & Aging – How to Prevent Falls (For Professionals)

New Recommendations on How to Stop Vertigo (ABC News Baltimore)

Dizziness and Vertigo (For Older Adults | Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center)

Taking Steps to Prevent Falls (UC-TV)

Easy Techniques to Stop Spinning from Vertigo (ABC News Los Angeles)

Testimonial from Vertigo Patient: Sue Grant

Dizziness, Incontinence, and Foot Neuropathy (related to Falls in Older Adults | Fall Prevention Awareness Week 2020)

Fall Prevention with Helpful Tips (Caregiver Coalition of San Diego)


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Rock Your Retirement Podcast Show

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“BPPV usually hits me once every 2-4 years.  I have had “crawling on the floor, puking” episodes, but most are just basically positional.

Just listened to your podcast with Rock your Retirement. I thank you for the really informative podcast.

Like you said on the podcast, the body learns to adapt readily.

The crystals in my right ear were the ones that had “run away from home,” as you put it on our podcast.

I have, after almost 40+ years, found relief from my vertigo.

When one understands what the root of the problem is, one becomes empowered. Thanks SO MUCH.”

- Adrienne J.

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