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Please review our prices on the flyer below, before you contact us to request a consultation with Dr. Bell.

Dr. Bell does not accept any health insurance.

Services are pay per visit and payment in full is due at the beginning of each visit.

If you are interested in working with us after reviewing our prices:

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The next step is our screening process for all new potential patients.

We have a thorough screening process before accepting a new patient case.

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Limitations and Restrictions for Consultation with Dr. Bell:

Patient care is provided in person

For people who are willing, interested, and able to pay out of pocket for specialty health care

All new patients must complete our screening process to determine if our services are a good next step.

Initial communication does not establish a patient-therapist relationship or provide professional medical advice.

No video conferencing or Telehealth services are currently available.

Due to an increasing demand for our services, we are not able to accept every new potential patient.

New cases are accepted per Dr. Bell’s availability.

We book all appointments first come, first serve.

Please review our prices* before initiating our screening process.

If you would like to move forward after reviewing our prices, please contact us and then answer the screening questions for all new potential patients.

*Service prices may be subject to change from time to time.

Private Patient Services Flyer

“Dr. Kimberley Bell is one of the specialized physical therapists I have been working with.

We have been referring patients back and forth for several years now, since 2006. I have had a lot of great success referring patients to Kim.

If you take a look at a physician like myself, or any other neurologist or other ENT physicians, what do we do with our patients after we work them up and it is something that we can’t fix in the clinic?

Ultimately these people need aggressive physical therapy and somebody who really pays attention to these patients that need aggressive management.

I definitely am a big advocate for people like Kim.”

Dr. Ian Purcell, MD, PhD


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