Dr. Kim Bell, DPT offers:

Private Patient Consultations

For patients, families, and caregivers

Multi-media E-courses

For curious people who want to learn how to care for themselves and their loved ones

Professional Public Lectures

For audiences of any age on the topics of dizziness, vertigo, imbalance, foot neuropathy, incontinence, normal aging of the balance systems, and unexplained falls

Educational Blog Posts

Learn about vertigo, dizziness, balance, and more from Dr Bell’s blog.

Free Helpful Information

On dizziness, vertigo, imbalance, and unexplained repeated falls

“I would highly recommend her services to other families and caregivers.  In fact, I would wait for Kimberley to be available, if the situation allowed.   This young woman is a well-rounded doctor at the top of her game. She is dedicated to what she does and her heart is in it too. That’s a great combination.”       

-Missy Sepulvado

Full time caregiver for her Mom Carmel, California

“You are dedicated, you inspire others, you are talented, and we are blessed to know you.”

- Shirley F.

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