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You are in the right place! Dr. Bell and her team are experts in dizziness, vertigo, imbalance, and preventing falls. 

Dr. Bell can direct you to the proper care and guidance for your situation to help you, or your loved one, experience comfort and relief.

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“A major PLUS to your treatment is a huge reduction in my anxiety when riding in the car.

I had been blaming my husband’s driving!

But I have to admit that the drive home was much more relaxed than the drive to California.”

- Julie H.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Dr. Bell?

The benefits of working with Dr. Bell or her Team Leader include:

Expert care: Dr. Bell and her team are expert clinicians, pioneers, and industry leaders this specialty area. The Bell Method team has over 50 years of combined experience and education in physical therapy. Dr. Bell is a recognized leader with the highest level of advanced training in her field, including a Masters Degree and a Doctorate Degree.

Integrative, personalized approach: Dr. Bell and her team use her comprehensive, detailed, and unique methodology called “The Bell Method” to determine which body systems are contributing to your discomfort.

They combine evidence-based, multi-system assessment with “outside the box” innovative concepts developed by Dr. Bell. She and her team are not subject to tunnel vision like many healthcare providers.

Private and convenient: They come to you! All services are provided in the privacy of your home (or hotel room). There is no need to drive or arrange a ride to receive their care.

Minimal waiting period: Same day or next day consultations may be available. Dr. Bell accepts and highly values referrals from physicians, but a referral is not required to receive her care. Don’t delay, call today!

Continuity of care and direct access to your provider: Your evaluating therapist will provide all of your follow up visits and phone consultations, along with direct support by text and email. You will have a dedicated physical therapist who knows you. No middle man. No runaround.

Transparent pricing: No one likes getting unexpected bills from healthcare providers, so Kim Bell Physical Therapy Inc. operates with price transparency. You decide up front if our services are within your reach. No secret pricing. No hidden fees. No unexpected bills.

Outside the insurance model: Dr. Bell and her Team Leader are free to provide the care you need. Dr. Bell’s care is not restricted by insurance requirements, limitations, or delays.

After hours visits available: Dr. Bell can offer visits if needed during high demand times (after 5pm and weekends). She and her team strive to take excellent care of their patients, so you can get your life back!

Do I need a physician’s referral to be seen by Dr. Bell or her team?
No. California has a Direct Access to Physical Therapy Services law that allows patients to be seen by a physical therapist without a referral for up to 12 visits or 45 days, whichever comes first.

If you require further care, then a physician’s referral is required.

Physician referrals and medical diagnostics are not necessary, but are valued and welcome.

What does the Initial Consultation include?

The private specialty consultation is designed for you to have a total of 3-4 hours of time and directed attention from Dr. Kimberley Bell, DPT in order to thoroughly investigate your case and discover possible root causes for your discomfort. 

  • After you book your appointment for Initial Root Cause Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment Specialty Consultation, Dr. Bell will call you to review your medical history, symptoms and current complaints for up to 30 minutes before the in-person visit at your home or hotel room.
  • Dr. Bell will come to your home or hotel room to complete a comprehensive, detailed Root Cause Physical Therapy Evaluation and initial Physical Therapy treatment, both in the first visit. This is a high complexity physical therapy evaluation, so the initial visit may last for up to 2-3 hours, depending on the exam findings.
  • Dr. Bell will schedule a follow up phone call with you to review the findings of the Physical Therapy Evaluation, the results of the initial treatment, considerations and suggested next steps, including free online educational resources, The Bell Method multimedia e-courses for purchase that are relevant to your specific case, any instructions given for appropriate exercise and self-care strategies, recommendations for appropriate assistive devices or equipment, and recommendations for further physical therapy services with our team or consultations with other specialty healthcare providers.
  • You will have direct access to Dr. Bell (or her Team Leader) by email and text message throughout your course of care.
  • Options for follow up visits, discounted visit packages, and post-care phone consultations are available for all patients who complete the Initial Consultation.
  • This Specialty Consultation service is unique in healthcare due to the extensive time Dr. Bell will spend investigating your case and personalizing your treatment plan, and includes a detailed interview, hands-on clinical assessment and treatment via “The Bell Method” strategies.
  • This consultation service is also offered by The Bell Method Physical Therapy Team Leader, Janet Troche, PT at a lower cost.
What are some other benefits of a private consultation with Dr. Bell for my case?

Dr. Bell and her Team Leader offer private consultations and compassion-based health coaching to:


  • Analyze the root cause of your discomfort to create a targeted, individual treatment plan
  • Reduce your stress and feelings of worry by clearing up confusion
  • Consider you as a whole person and examines possible causes of your symptoms from different body systems
  • Provide direct treatment to reduce your discomfort and improve your quality of life
  • Instruct appropriate, customized exercises to reduce if not completely eliminate your symptoms
  • Educate you on effective, self-care strategies to manage any lingering or episodic symptoms
  • Recommend free educational resources and multimedia e-courses that you may want to purchase relevant to your case
  • Suggest appropriate assistive devices or equipment
  • Direct you to the most skilled specialty healthcare providers for your needs beyond the scope of physical therapy practice
  • Empower you with knowledge, skills, and confidence to create a better life for yourself
  • Reduce the caregiver burden for those who love you
  • Prepare you to quickly recognize and take appropriate action if your symptoms recur
What conditions does Dr. Bell specialize in treating?

Dr. Kimberley Bell, DPT has consulted with thousands of patients with complaints of dizziness, vertigo, and balance problems. That is truly her gift and her clinical specialty. 

She wants to help you get your life back! 

Her patient-centered, integrative approach also offers patient education and exercises for reducing stress, improving sleep quality and relieving feelings of worry, despair and hopelessness, that often co-occur in patients suffering with dizziness and vertigo. 

In patients over 65 years old, her team is often consulted to evaluate underlying causes of unexplained repeated falls, fear of falling, general unsteadiness, and chronic falls.

Dr. Bell also has developed innovative treatments for headaches, foot neuropathy, and age-related incontinence.

How should I prepare for my private consultation?
  • This unique specialty service is designed to offer high quality, individualized Assessment and Rehabilitation Treatment for Vertigo, Dizziness, and Imbalance in the privacy of your own home (or hotel room).
  • Request your Initial Root Cause Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment Specialty Consultation by email or by phone. Call 760-652-9993 to book by phone.
  • Gather a list of all your medications, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter, supplements, and herbs.
  • Expect a phone call from Dr. Bell to review your medical history, symptoms, and current complaints before the in-person house call appointment.
  • Be sure that you have reported your condition to your doctor because your primary care doctor may want to do his or her own exam.
  • Invite a family member, caregiver or close friend to join the consultation to take notes for you or film the consultation so you don’t have to remember everything that Dr. Bell explains and teaches you by yourself.
  • Eat a light breakfast and drink a glass of water on the morning of the consultation.
  • Do not take any vestibular suppressant medication on the morning of the consultation. Common vestibular suppressants that your doctor may have prescribed include meclizine and scopolamine.
  • Plan your schedule so that you can take it easy for the rest of the day after your initial consultation. The hands-on evaluation will trigger your symptoms so that Dr. Bell can assess the extent of your condition and make appropriate recommendations. Although she will skillfully manage your symptoms throughout the evaluation, you may still feel tired afterwards and need extra rest. You should not plan to do household chores, return to work, read, drive, or cook your own dinner that evening. Some people feel absolutely fine afterwards, but some need to take it easy for the rest of the day.
  • Postpone all dental care and beauty salon appointments for at least two days after the first visit.
  • Please secure all pets before Dr. Bell arrives, so your pets do not cause an interruption to the visit or interfere with your care inadvertently.
  • Plan for a follow up phone call with Dr. Bell to review your response to the treatment, discuss your progress, review the exam findings, go over suggested next steps, and provide further instructions and resources.
  • For caregivers of patients with confusion or memory loss: Dr. Bell and her team members kindly request that a spouse, family member, or caregiver be present for the evaluation of any patients with confusion or memory loss to assist with the evaluation and support the treatment plan.
  • For non-English speaking patients: All services are provided in English. Dr. Bell and her team members kindly request that a spouse or family member be present to assist with translation for any patients who are not able to communicate in English.
How many visits will I need with Dr. Bell?

Dr. Bell and her Team Leader see private patients anywhere from 1-10+ times, depending on what you need and how complex your individual case.

Patients see Dr. Bell for 2-4 visits on average for an episode of vertigo, but every case is different and each person has unique causes and solutions for their symptoms.

The total number of visits recommended is determined for each individual based the findings of the Initial Root Cause Physical Therapy Evaluation hands-on clinical examination and response to treatment – which is completed during the initial in-person consultation – and any other health concerns.

Specifically, the following details will affect your treatment plan recommendations:

  • Whether you have BPPV (in one ear, in both ears, in more than one canal)
  • How many visits it takes to clear up the BPPV
  • Whether you need any follow-up exercises
  •  If you have someone available to help coach you with your exercises
  • If Dr. Bell recommends that you also see another specialist provider in her network

Dr. Bell and her team members cannot teach you any vestibular or balance exercises until BPPV is ruled out or completely cleared – which can be done in the first session about 85-90% of the time. Clearing BPPV takes 2+ sessions for 10-15% of patients and some patients are found to have refractory – or recurrent – BPPV.

Many people do not need any exercises for a full recovery from BPPV. The need for exercises depends on the presence of any leftover symptoms of motion sensitivity, imbalance, or blurry vision with quick head turns.

Keep in mind that patients with dizziness have an inner ear component about 45-50% of the time. There are multiple other causes of dizziness and vertigo that may be causing you discomfort, called non-vestibular causes.

The most important part of determining the number of visits each patient needs is completing the initial comprehensive, detailed Initial Root Cause Physical Therapy Evaluation and hands-on examination to determine the extent of the problem list and identify the root cause(s) of the complaints.

Some patients choose to purchase single follow up visits with a pay-as-you-go model and other patients purchase discounted packages. The package deals allow patients to save money while they complete their rehabilitation and optimize their balance after the Initial Root Cause Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment is completed.

Some patients choose to hire Dr. Bell’s team to consult with other aspects of their healthcare and personal fitness, after their vertigo is cleared up – for expert consultation on preventing future falls, caregiver training and/or exercise progression to optimize balance with normal aging

Never heard of BPPV? Click here to learn more.

What kind of payment does Dr. Bell accept for her services and what are the prices?

Cash, Check, Credit Card, and Debit Card payments are accepted.

The Initial Consultation with Dr. Bell is $595, which includes Root Cause Evaluation and Treatment.

Initial consultation with her Team Leader Janet Troche, PT is $495.

The Initial consultation fee includes:

  • Phone call with your Vestibular Expert Physical Therapist to review your medical history, symptoms and current complaints prior to the in-person visit (up to 30 minutes)
  • Initial House Call: An in-person comprehensive hands-on clinical exam and initial treatment using The Bell Method strategies by your Vestibular Expert Physical Therapist in the privacy of your home or hotel room (up to 2-3 hours)
  • One follow up phone call with your Vestibular Expert Physical Therapist to review your progress after the initial treatment, discuss the exam findings including a list of contributing factors and suggested next steps, includes physical therapy follow up treatment plan recommendations with Dr. Bell’s team, answers to your questions about your case, instructions in appropriate exercise and self-care strategies, recommendations for appropriate assistive devices or equipment, referrals to other specialty healthcare providers, free helpful online resources, and recommendations for The Bell Method multimedia e-courses for purchase relevant to your situation (up to 30 minutes)
  • Email or text message support by your evaluating therapist throughout your episode of care

Follow Up Visits and Discount Visit Packages

Physical Therapy in-person follow up visit options are ideal for patients who prefer hands-on, individualized, and personalized rehabilitation in the privacy of their own home (or hotel room).

Follow up Physical Therapy visits of 75-90 minutes in length are to be completed within 45 days of the physical therapy evaluation.

Single additional in-home visit with Dr. Bell……$349 per single session (pay as you go)

  • Package of two visits (2)…………………… $650 ($325/visit)
  • Package of five visits (5)…………………….$1,575 ($315/visit)
  • Package of ten visits (10)……………………$3,000 ($300/ visit)

(For price of follow up visits and packages with Janet Troche, PT, click here.)

Due to California Direct Access to Physical Therapy Law, should follow-up appointments extend beyond 45 days from the initial in-person physical therapy evaluation visit, a physician referral for physical therapy must be obtained by the patient and he/she agrees that services will be paused until a physician’s prescription for physical therapy is received.

All packages are for individual use and must be used within one year of purchase. If unused, pre-paid follow up physical therapy visits will expire at the end of the month one year after the date of purchase.

If Physical Therapy goals are accomplished prior to completion of all physical therapy follow up visits in a package, all patients will automatically enroll in a Balance Optimization and Wellness program to prepare for normal aging.

Post-Care Phone Consultations

Post-care Phone Calls are available for Returning Patients who want to discuss their case further with Dr. Bell by phone.

  • 30-minute follow up phone call: $125
  • 60-minute follow up phone call: $249

(For price of post-care phone consultations with Janet Troche, PT, click here.)

Re-Evaluations for Returning Patients

For returning patients who have not been seen in person for the last 3 months, or have a change in medical status like a hospital stay or surgery, a Physical Therapy In-Person Re-Evaluation is required to initiate a New Episode of Care.

The Physical Therapy Re-Evaluation for returning patients is $449 and includes:

  • A 30-minute call with your Vestibular Expert Physical Therapist to catch up on how you have been and your current complaints
  • House Call: An in-person hands-on clinical exam and treatment for up to 90 minutes by your Vestibular Expert Physical Therapist
  • A brief follow up phone call with your Vestibular Expert Physical Therapist within a week of the in-person visit to review the exam findings, the results of the treatment, and answer your questions about your case, and review recommended next steps

Returning patients who have been seen by Janet Troche, PT but are new to Dr. Bell will be billed Dr. Bell’s Initial Consultation rate for their first visit with Dr. Bell.


Extended Travel Fee

Outlying areas of San Diego County: additional $50 travel fee will be applied for each visit. 


Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Dr. Bell can accept HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) debit cards.

If the HSA or FSA debit card does not work with our card reader, the invoice can usually be submitted to the HSA or FSA plan by the account holder for full reimbursement as long as sufficient funds are in the account.


To review our payment policy for more details, click here.

Why doesn't Dr. Bell accept health insurance?

Dr. Bell’s goal is to get you better as fast as possible!

Kim Bell Physical Therapy Inc. offers a unique, unparalleled service designed specifically for people with dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance.

In order to support the excellent clinical outcomes that their private patients frequently enjoy, Dr. Bell and her Team Leader must spend extensive time with the patient to learn all the details of the case and complete a complex hands-on examination during the initial visit, along with a treatment and extensive education.

Providers who accept insurance often require a high total number of visits, so certain codes and procedures can be billed on different dates.

Dr. Bell and her team have a different game plan than insurance-based providers, because Dr. Bell and her team do not need to bill for every individual code and procedure that they perform on different dates.

In the first visit, Dr. Bell is able to accomplish as much as most physical therapists who take insurance can get done in 6 to 8 visits at their office (if ever).

With the quality of care provided by Dr. Bell and her team, it’s not possible to fit within the insurance box.

They are very experienced clinicians, provide excellent customer service, and they come to you!


Simply put, insurance often delays, restricts, and limits your care.

Unfortunately, due to declining health insurance payments and increasing insurance paperwork burden, healthcare providers who accept health insurance are not able to spend as much time with their patients as Dr. Bell and her team require for their services.

In physical therapy clinics that accept health insurance, the patient’s care is often rushed, cut short, or delegated to lesser skilled individuals on staff.

Surprise medical bills, secret pricing, and hidden fees are common problems with insurance-based care that Dr. Bell and her team want to avoid.

Dr. Bell and her team operate with price transparency, so you decide up front if our care is within your reach, payment is due at the time of service, and you never receive an unexpected bill from Kim Bell Physical Therapy Inc.

Keep in mind that the average patient with vertigo sees 4-5 different doctors and spends $2,000 just to get an adequate diagnosis. Patients with dizziness or vertigo are often subject to unnecessary diagnostic testing, sometimes take inappropriate medications, and suffer from delays in care for weeks to months, even for years.

Many people never discover the root cause of their symptoms due to inadequate diagnosis, reliance on diagnostic tests, and ineffective treatment efforts, leading to mismanagement of their case.

Dr. Bell offers her initial Consultation for $595 and her Team Leader offers an initial consultation for $495, which are both significantly less than the $2,000 an average patient with vertigo spends just for an adequate diagnosis.

Many spouses and caregivers have to take off work to drive their loved one to the clinic or to get the diagnostic tests, but Dr. Bell and her team deliver your care right to your front door for your privacy and convenience.

If you want to use your health insurance, there are other providers who will accept your health insurance. You can find them at

Many patients tell us they find that insurance-based healthcare providers do not have adequate time to thoroughly review their history or to assess them in detail for root causes of their complaints, much less provide personalized education and recommendations for optimal outcomes.

When making your decisions, it is recommended to check your deductible and co-pay or co-insurance, as many health care plans have high out-of-pocket costs for covered services. 

If you have already consulted with all the experts who take your health insurance and are still suffering, don’t give up hope. Dr. Bell and her team are here for you.

A comprehensive hands-on clinical exam by a skilled Vestibular Expert clinician is shown to be superior to MRI and other diagnostic tests under many circumstances.

For Medicare patients who require ongoing or extended physical therapy intervention, Dr. Bell and her team may be able to recommend follow up physical therapy services that are appropriate and are covered by Medicare. If possible, Dr. Bell will refer her patients to physical therapists that she has personally trained.

Will I be able to talk with Dr. Bell after the consultation if I have questions?

The initial consultation fee includes up to a follow up phone call, so you can discuss your case with your evaluating therapist.

All patients who are under the care of Kim Bell Physical Therapy Inc. have direct access to their evaluating therapist by email or text message to receive support for the duration of their episode of care. 

Additional support and coaching is available for returning patients via pre-paid post-care phone calls with Dr. Bell as follows: 

  • 30-minute Phone Call with Dr. Bell: $125
  • 60-minute Phone Call with Dr. Bell: $249

For post-care phone consultation rates for patients who consult with Dr. Bell’s Team Leader, click here.

Will consulting with Dr. Bell be the "final step" in my recovery from my uncomfortable symptoms?

It depends. Everyone is different, so the answer varies between individuals.

For some patients, this consultation is the final step and they are able to enjoy a complete recovery after consulting with Dr. Bell or her Team Leader.

Other patients require physical therapy follow up visits to optimize outcomes, new self-care routines, and/or consultations with additional specialty healthcare providers.

Since the service is unique and personalized, Dr. Bell or her Team Leader will review your prognosis, considerations, suggested next steps, and any additional care that is recommended once your Initial Consultation is completed.

What can I do to make sure I get the best results from my consultation?

In order to make sure you get the best results from your consultation, Dr. Bell requests that you provide an accurate medical history, including a list of all past surgeries or medical procedures, the names and specialties of all your current healthcare providers, and an updated list of medications and supplements that you are taking.

Your medication list should include all oral prescription and over-the counter medications, along with any prescription skin creams, eye drops, and medications that you inject or inhale.

During the evaluation and treatment sessions, Dr. Bell requests that you answer all questions as truthfully as possible and keep her informed of your symptoms.

For best results, Dr. Bell recommends that you fully participate in all tests, treatments, and visits that are recommended.

Dr. Bell also recommends that you follow all instructions that are given, including any self-care, exercises, or precautions.

If you stop following your treatment plan at any point, then Dr. Bell will place your care temporarily on hold and likely discharge your case.

If you are discharged early from Dr. Bell’s services due to not following her treatment recommendations, you may be able to seek her care again in the future by scheduling a re-evaluation.

Avoid canceling your visits. You will not be charged a fee for a cancellation. Dr. Bell may, however, decline to reschedule with you if you cancel multiple visits or the reason for cancellation was not appropriate.

If I travel to San Diego for a consultation with Dr. Bell, what are your travel recommendations?

If you are traveling to San Diego from within the USA, you will most likely fly into the San Diego or Carlsbad airports.

International patients usually fly into LAX and drive south to San Diego County in a rental car.

Dr. Bell requests that you reserve your stay in the coastal area of northern San Diego County near the beaches of Carlsbad or Encinitas, California. Dr. Bell will provide your care in your hotel room, vacation rental, or bed & breakfast.

Some patients have reserved an ocean view room at the Moonlight Beach Motel in Encinitas, California, because it is within walking distance of downtown Encinitas and there are many food options nearby.

Dr. Bell recommends that you plan to stay for at least four nights to allow for follow-up visits and/or further evaluation by another local provider if you have multiple causes of dizziness. Please be sure to check with our office before booking your travel arrangements to ensure that Dr. Bell is available.

Many patients are able to deduct their travel costs to San Diego as a “medical trip” on their tax return. Dr. Bell recommends for you to discuss that option with your Accountant.

Please note: San Diego County has a high volume of summer tourists so hotel and flight prices are the most expensive from May through September every year.

What if I don't live in San Diego and I am unable to travel to San Diego?

Dr. Bell and her Team Leader offer house calls for private patients only in San Diego, California and the surrounding areas.

Due to the limitations of licensed physical therapy practice, Dr. Bell is only allowed to provide consultation and medical advice to patients who are located in San Diego or able to travel to the area for direct care.

Please join Dr. Bell’s mailing list to receive free educational blogs and other helpful information.

What if I can't afford to hire Dr. Bell right now?

Dr. Bell understands that many patients who suffer with dizziness and vertigo are unable to work full time and have financial difficulties.

Join Dr. Bell’s mailing list so she can send you free, educational blogs and other helpful information. She and her team are working hard to meet your needs by publishing free online resources and sending out newsletters.

Visit the Vestibular Disorders Association at to find another vestibular provider in your area.

Ask your friends and family to donate to your consultation fee. If you still suffer after you have seen another vestibular provider, you can hire Dr. Bell in the future when you have the resources.

Dr. Bell’s Team Leader, Janet Troche, PT offers lower cost visit rates to give you a less expensive option.

If I contact Dr. Bell via email, will my personal health information be protected?

In-person consultation is recommended to ensure the protection of your personal health information. Email communication is not secure and can be intercepted by a third party.

All private patients complete a communication permissions and consent form during the New Patient Intake process in order to allow communication with our team via email, text message, and voicemail.

To review our privacy policy, click here.

You may feel that you are at the end of the road with no hope. Dr. Bell and her team are here for you!

With Dr. Bell’s guidance and compassion, you may be able to get your life back.

To read more testimonials from private patients and caregivers who have worked with Dr. Bell and her team, click here.

Kim Bell, DPT Private Consultation Services


“I’m done with the doctor who takes my insurance but only spends five minutes with me.

I just want your team to take care of me!”

- C.S.

“This changed my life! NOBODY had ever even CARED about my Vertigo before, let alone tell me they could help me.

And add to that – she came to my house to help me.”

- Dawn B.

“During her evaluation, I felt completely confident in her ability even though some parts of the process were necessarily, disorienting.

She offered continual education and reassurance.

While I was working with her, I felt I understood every step of the process.
What might otherwise have been an alarming experience was greatly minimized,
due to her careful explanations and kind and compassionate attention.”

- Deb S.

Dr. Bell is Awesome.

One house-call visit by Dr. Bell and my Vertigo was 100% gone!!

I got my LIFE back!

I highly recommend her… she is a true Vertigo Expert!!”

- Mitchell A.

“She was very present, kind and convincingly capable of solving my problem.

Dr. Bell is a doctor I can trust – I trust her skills and caring.

I highly recommend her services to others suffering with vertigo, without a question or hesitation.

Admit the frequency of unsteadiness, loss of balance, and bumping into things.

Stop procrastinating and postponing treatment. Call Dr. Bell. Just do it!”

- Adrien S.

“She is passionate about helping people, inspirational and personable!

Not your regular PT experience!”

- Leah S.

“Dr. Kim Bell is an excellent clinician!

She is very compassionate, caring and really spends time to determine the root cause of dizziness and vertigo of her patients, and effectively designs a treatment plan.

I had a car accident 9 years ago and had on and off dizziness since then. 

I was seen by different doctors and had taken medications but my dizziness did not go away.

Dr. Bell was able to identify and solve the missing piece of the puzzle and has helped me tremendously!

You are truly a blessing Dr. Bell!”

- Angelita H.

“She helps people all over the country and internationally.  

She has helped me a lot and I am very grateful for her work, her professionalism, her caring, and her warmth. 

I recommend her to anyone struggling with dizziness, whatever it’s source and especially if they do not know the source.”

- Chris S.

Life Coach, Psychological Trainer and Writer

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