“I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

May my meditation be pleasing to him, as I rejoice in the Lord.” -Psalm 104:33 (NIV)


When was the last time you belted out some of the lines to your favorite song?

One of my best friends and mentors, Tim loves to lead the singing with our mindfulness practice group. He always jokes, “I couldn’t carry a tune if it was in a bucket, but I really enjoy singing for the joy of it.” And he carries on joyfully leading our songs on a regular basis with a huge smile on his face.

I love that! Tim has inspired me to set aside my fears and sing to express the joy in my heart, not worrying about what others might think. Now I sing for joy, as opposed to singing for entertainment.

For relaxation, joy and well-being, I now really enjoy singing. Originally, I began to sing a capella by myself, and around my closest friends and family. I took two guitar lessons from a friend in October of 2014 and I have now discovered a love for playing guitar while I sing.

I am now self-taught on the guitar and I sing for joy.

During my nature walks, I often begin to hum or sing beautiful melodies and lyrics that come straight from my heart. Later I discover the guitar chords and rhythm strumming pattern that sound best with the newborn baby song.

I have now written over twenty original worship songs, which I regularly play by myself and with my friends. I have lead singing with and without guitar for my [former] group of mindfulness practitioners, once with over 500 people on a mindfulness retreat.

I have incorporated writing and playing worship music into my life and mission to generate compassion, peace and hope. I feel that singing for joy sets my soul free to express its fullest potential.

I have also discovered the soothing benefits of “imaginary singing” for relaxation while I am experiencing sensitivity to sound during a migraine episode.

So crank up your favorite song and sing with me! And remember to sing for joy, not to impress others or entertain. It is an expression of true freedom and the joy of your soul. Sing for joy, not to impress others!

Gratitude to my Teacher, Mentor and Friend:

Tim Motley is RnD molecular biologist with over 30 years experience in infectious disease, drug discovery and the epigenetic regulation of learning and memory, with over 20 peer reviewed publications and numerous patents. He is also a dedicated practitioner of mindfulness. He is blessed to have two successful adult children and his dear wife Jan, whom he shares a life with their American Bulldog rescue, Moose.

Tim has previously lead a group of mindfulness practitioners which I used to be part of, and he inspired me to free myself from fear, open my heart and sing for joy!