First of all, as I told you in person, I believe your talents and focus on helping people with vertigo issues makes you ‘a gift to the universe’ – not just a great find for me. I’ve been completely laid low by two debilitating episodes of vertigo in the past 2 years that descended on me as if out of the blue while at work, landing me first in the ER, and in the second case again at the doctor’s office where I was prescribed meclizine.

Had I not found you and learned from you what I now know about the condition and the mistreatment of this condition, I would, I am sure, have found myself on a path to dementia later in life. These episodes were so disruptive, based on just a tiny maladjusted part of my inner ear, with virtually no real cure from the doctors in my HMO but to treat the nausea and vomiting, that I surely would have come to rely on my own on prescription meclizine to help keep me functioning in the future.

Now, thanks to what you taught me about the dangers of continuous use of such [vertigo suppression] drugs…, I feel I have avoided an awful fate.

Furthermore, I believe I have an ace in the hole by knowing you and knowing I can rely on you to work with me through physical therapy to resolve any future inner ear disturbances. Your knowledge is both detailed and comprehensive. Your attention is thorough and very considerate.

You also gave me some insights on medications that I have been able to pass along to friends and family. For example, my mate who has been relying on certain types of sleep aids is reconsidering the pills she takes.

And, in our sessions to determine my inner ear condition, you have also been able to throw in a few bonus tips on exercising and pain relief from your background as a general physical therapist to help me with my increasingly creaky, cranky aging body.

In short, you make me feel very comfortable and secure.

Thank you so much! I don’t need to say this explicitly, as I have been saying it all along, but – yes! – I would definitely recommend your services to anybody!

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