Even though I am not a physical therapist (I’m a personal trainer that only works with older adults) and I therefore could not receive any continuing education units from taking this course, I assisted in Dr. Kim Bell’s 3-day course on “Assessment and Treatment of Dizziness, Vertigo, and Dysequilibrium in Older Adults” because I wanted to learn as much as I could about balance, fall prevention, and vestibular issues. Was I ever glad I showed up!

Here’s why:

  • Dr. Bell is a gifted instructor. She uses a wide variety of teaching methods so the hours fly by. We were so busy absorbing the immense amount of information that we didn’t get a chance to even think about being bored.
  • From the very first few minutes in class, Dr. Bell created a relaxed, encouraging environment. Following her lead, participants seemed to leave their egos at the door, and opened up about admitting what they felt they needed to learn. There were a lot of laughs and a lovely camaraderie in the group, thanks to Kim’s warm and engaging leadership.
  • It was reassuring to realize that our instructor is a true expert about balance and vestibular issues. She confidently answered every question about these complex subjects, and when she didn’t know the answer, (which was rare) she instantly offered to find out the exact answer from one of her mentors. Sure enough, she returned the next day with clear answers.

It was obvious that she is passionate about teaching, and she knows her topic better than any physical therapist (and most Doctors!) that I have ever met.

I wish that every personal trainer that works with older adults could have the luxury of assisting Dr. Bell in this course.

After attending the workshop, I feel much more competent and confident to help my clients thrive!

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