I highly recommend calling Kim if you’re experiencing mild, moderate or severe vertigo. She has a lot of experience with people who are experiencing vertigo, truly cares and knows what she’s doing. In addition to getting rid of my vertigo after just ONE treatment, she answered all of my questions thoroughly and was super patient. She was also able to come to my home the very next day.

I had mild vertigo for about a month and a half before I finally called. Because I had never experienced vertigo before and because I’m 35 years old without health insurance, I was waiting for it to go away on it’s own. It didn’t and in fact, it just got worse to the where I started to wake up nauseated and couldn’t join my friends in basic activities like yoga or dance because I was afraid of getting sick.

The room would start to spin every time I would bend over, lay down, turn my head or roll over in bed. I tried chiropractic care, diet elimination, hydrating, stress relief…you name it!! I had even tried some Epley Maneuvers that I found on YouTube by myself. Nothing worked. Until I found Kim.

When she came over, she tested me for anything abnormal just like a doctor in the office would. She then walked me through a series of head movements. She had me walk back and forth, close my eyes and balance and then lay down on the sofa and move my head certain angles.

I especially liked that Kim was professional and warm. She just understood what I was going through. AND she explained everything that she was doing, which made me feel comfortable.

She was at my home for maybe a couple hours, and two hours after she left, I suddenly realized I wasn’t experiencing vertigo anymore. I couldn’t believe it only took ONE treatment!! Fast forward two weeks and I’m still back to normal. For anyone experiencing vertigo, call this woman immediately! SO worth it! I finally have my normal life back. Thank you for all your amazing help, Kim!!

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