I was visiting family in the San Diego area experiencing severe Vertigo. Knowing no physicians in the area I sought help through a respected Chiropractor. When that didn’t do the trick he referred me to Dr. Bell. From the consultation through the treatment process, Kim validated my illness, created hope, and made herself available to me within 12 hours of my first call. Kim created safety with her knowledge of my illness, and when you feel like you’ve lost your center for me that was critically important.

Throughout my two visits I was provided knowledge about my illness, hope that this wasn’t going to be a life sentence of dizziness and much-needed laughter. The biggest gift of all was the relief I received from getting well. I’m home now in NorCal but I have no doubt I’ve just been treated by an expert in her field. Thank you, Dr. Bell, so grateful to have had you as my physical therapist and healer. You Amaze!

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