Before I consulted with Dr. Bell, most of the physical therapists I had worked with did not seem as knowledgeable as she was, and were unable to zero into my problems.

She is the only one who addressed my blood pressure dropping to nothing upon going from sitting to standing, and [identified] the necessity for me to wait and count to 20 before moving [after I stand up].

Before I met her, I fell many times injuring myself, suffering additional concussions and multiple trips to the emergency room. Dr. Bell said to face forward when getting into my shower.

She suggested supportive grab bars and their specific placement in the bathroom. I still remember her instructions.

She always spoke so clearly I remember all she said these years later.

Her understanding, patience and friendliness were a delight, and made me look forward to her appointments.

Today, I wish we were closer to each other because I would absolutely continue to work with her and seek her help with my balance issues.

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