Dr. Kim Bell is a phenomenal Physical Therapist (PT)! I had the pleasure of working with her at a home health agency.

Dr. Kim Bell was the director of our specialty program called “Safe Strides.” Kim taught our Physical Therapists how to treat vertigo, and as patients positively progressed I received great letters of how they were able to get out of the house, and enjoy life again.

One of my concerns of people being on continuous anti-vertigo medications is that they have long term effects, it’s just safer to treat the cause and not the symptom, and that is exactly what Dr. Kim Bell does.

Dr. Kim Bell taught me how to perform the maneuver, and by golly, it definitely works! I appreciated knowing, because the Emergency Room visits can be outrageous, and most doctors will give the anti-vertigo medication over performing the maneuver.

So Thanks Dr. Kim Bell!!

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