We were recommended to contact Dr. Bell by our chiropractor, he said many had been helped by her care. We were desperate and did not know what to do. My husband was experiencing severe dizziness and sudden hearing loss. Our doctors said, he has “Meniere’s” and wanted us to take some diuretic and see him in 3 months.

We could not accept dealing with dizziness and neither was Dr. Bell. The story of her own experiences she has had makes her an amazing advocate!!

She so graciously listened to his story and helped us know that our next step should be getting an MRI. We did and immediately got insight into his problems, he has 2 tumors.

She not only helped us to get this MRI, but she has also helped us with who would be the most helpful for us. We both couldn’t say enough good things about Dr. Bell. She will fight for you and wants the most for you, and you will feel very loved in the process.

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