Prior to taking Dr. Bell’s vestibular training course I felt overwhelmed and undereducated on the pathophysiologies behind vestibular dysfunction and falls. I also struggled with developing appropriate treatment programs for the patients suffering from these disorders.  

I was over-cautious in evaluating and treating patients because I was too afraid to bring on the signs and symptoms for which they were seeking help.

With Dr. Bell’s training, I am now armed with thorough knowledge on the pathophysiologies of vestibular dysfunction.

I am, thus, able to determine the cause of a specific patient’s symptoms and to what extent it is safe to elicit those signs and symptoms.  I have learned the red flags that will lead me to send a patient for further evaluation by their doctor, if necessary.

Most importantly, I am able to confidently treat patients while educating them on why they were experiencing certain symptoms. My patients can, therefore, understand my rationale for my designing a particular course of treatment for them.

Dr. Bell’s teaching methods address a variety of learning styles, making her a superior instructor.  She incorporates multi-media presentations, hands-on skill training with instructor feedback, and case studies to assist all types of learners with absorbing a challenging subject matter.

Her vestibular course will help you become confident and effective with evaluating and treating patients in a niche in which many PT’s feel overwhelmed and incompetent.

Dr. Bell’s vestibular course will provide you with simple yet novel treatments, exercises, and exercise progressions that will assist you with empowering your patients to lead their own way to improved function.

Dr. Bell’s extensive training and experience with treating vestibular patients make her a superior mentor for PT’s taking her courses.

Her continued guidance and support beyond her courses helps PT’s receive continued feedback and advice as they put into practice the new skills and expertise that they have learned during her courses.

She is an expert PT in the field of vestibular dysfunction and falls in older adults.  It will amaze you how much you will learn and how confident you will become in this field in such a short amount of time!


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