Dr. Bell is truly amazing! I had been suffering from vertigo and dizziness for nearly 8 months, had gone to several other doctors including ENTs and Physical Therapists, and was left feeling discouraged, as my symptoms hadn’t been improving at all. I would search online daily to find answers and ways to help cope with the symptoms and was completely at a loss until I found Dr. Bell. She spent so much time reviewing the history of my symptoms, asked a series of questions and completed tests to better understand what underlying issues may be causing everything and came up with a comprehensive treatment plan.

Within just a few months, my dizziness has improved significantly and I’m now on the road to recovery – thanks to her thorough guidance and support. She also takes the time to build trust so you know you’re in a safe space during her treatments. Anyone with vertigo knows it can be scary when symptoms are triggered but she assured me I would be ok and was there to support me every step of the way!

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