Before I met Dr. Kimberley Bell, PT I had been suffering for many years with vertigo.

I have no idea why – I would suddenly just start spinning.

Over the years, it seemed to come more often and even started to last for several days. One-day episodes every several years, I could handle.

But being stuck in bed – spinning and having nausea for 5 days in a row – I realized I needed to find someone to help me.

Unfortunately, in the past, no one knew anyone to specifically help me with this.

My primary care doctor, whom I love, would just tell me to take sea sickness/motion medicine. That was no longer a good answer for me.

I started asking everyone I could think of, and finally my chiropractor referred me to Dr. Kimberley Bell.

She has changed my life!

I gave her a call, and I can still remember my conversation with her. She spent so much time on the phone with me, asking me questions about how I felt each time I experienced Vertigo.

She told me that I was experiencing different kinds of Vertigo.

First I remember saying to myself, “What does she know by just talking to me and who is this person telling me she can help me?”

NOBODY had ever even CARED about my vertigo before, let alone tell me they could help me. And add to that – she came to my house to help me.

Not only did she come to me, but NEVER do I remember having a doctor (except after surgery), follow through with me and be so genuinely concerned about my well being!

She continued to follow up with me for weeks. Periodically checking on me, making sure I was doing okay, and reminding me that she was here for me if I needed her!!!

NO LIE, this is all the truth! Anytime I hear of someone suffering from Vertigo, I immediately give them Dr. Bell’s number.

She has truly taken away the fear of me suffering from something that has a name “Vertigo” – even though no one else can help me with it.

I only wish I knew about her sooner. THANK YOU Dr. Bell!

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