Before Dr. Bell treated me for vertigo, I had every possible examination (including a CT scan) to detect the exact type of vertigo I was suffering from and to rule out other issues.  My vision, hearing and vertigo exams revealed two types of vertigo: Benign Positional Vertigo and a vestibular weakness.

My doctors had some definitive answers, but had less to offer in the way of treatment. Dr. Bell thoroughly reviewed all reports and was able to treat me successfully in two sessions.

During her evaluation, I felt completely confident in her ability even though some parts of the process were necessarily, disorienting. She offered continual education and reassurance.

While I was working with her, I felt I understood every step of the process. What might otherwise have been an alarming experience was greatly minimized due to her careful explanations and kind and compassionate attention.

Afterwards, Dr. Bell gave me a series of exercises, which I still practice. My balance has improved; however, some types of vertigo do recur.

A year later, I developed symptoms of incipient vertigo, so I called Dr. Bell immediately. I had compounded the problem by doing yoga inversions, but she was able to correct the situation in one session.

I was back in yoga class the following week.

I would recommend Dr. Bell’s services without hesitation. Her combined attributes of compassion, expertise, and motivation to teach ensure patients will find relief and learn how to manage life after treatment.

I am grateful to Dr. Bell because I was not only able to return to normal activities almost immediately, but I learned significantly from the experience.

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