Dr. Bell gave me my life back!

I have suffered from recurring vertigo for more than 30 years, and have undergone periodic thorough testing which identified the two types of vertigo which affect me. initially, I used medications which helped ease the problem but was uncomfortable with their side effects. I am in good heath otherwise and maintain an active exercise program including hiking, pilates, yoga and Feldenkrais. When my vertigo recurred 4 years ago, I was unable to engage in any of my exercise routines and was concerned about driving or even walking steadily. I found out about Dr. Bell from my yoga teacher, a Stanford sleep scientist and internationally known yoga expert. Dr. Bell was able to diagnose and treat my problem in one session, following up with detailed questions about my recovery. Afterward, I was able to take a rigorous trip to the Grand Canyon which I had been on the verge of cancelling. Fortunately she is not only a well-trained, experienced, and caring professional, she also keeps excellent records. When I contacted her recently, I feel she was able to help me within 24 hours in large part because she had carefully consulted her notes on my previous diagnosis and treatment.

I recommend Dr. Bell to anyone suffering from vertigo or any balance issue. Besides treating my problem hands-on, she has taken time to educate me. She was enthusiastic about supplying me with detailed information about specific approaches and encouraged me to maintain my ambitious (for my age, 71) exercise plan with good sense and safety.

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