Hi there, my name is Alison McLean and I’m a physical therapist. I’m extremely grateful for Kim Bell and her vestibular specialty. 5 years ago, I found myself moving my head a certain way, and then I ended up on the ground unable to walk. Kim Bell helped me from this place of extreme dizziness, unable to move to being able to stand up, move around and function through my day. In fact, she helped me so much during that time, that I didn’t have any issues for the next 5 years until recently I felt a very mild dizziness when looking down. And since I’m a physical therapist, I do that a lot through my day so I went and I saw her in the clinic and during a few certain maneuvers she was able to release that dizziness and now I experience no more dizziness.

She is my go-to person if I feel I have any vestibular issues so not only I can function in my world as a physical therapist, but also as a mom and as a wife. I highly recommend her, go sooner rather than later, there is no reason why you need to suffer with your dizziness.


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