I have had the pleasure of taking 3 weekend courses with Dr. Bell:

  • Differential Diagnosis of Dizziness, Vertigo, and Disequilibrium
  • A Fresh Perspective in Geriatric Fall Prevention: Dizziness, Incontinence & Neuropathy
  • Better Balance & Posture in Older Adults

After these courses, I felt comfortable immediately implementing assessment techniques and interventions with patients, and did so with great success!

Dr. Bell teaches at a level where all course attendees can understand the content, while at the same time ensuring there is never a dull moment. She has spent years perfecting her teaching strategies and it shows. These courses offer great value for the novice or the expert.

Each class with Dr. Bell is uniquely different.

She draws on the expertise of each student to add further enrichment and differing perspectives and depth to the course. I greatly recommend taking any course with her, especially if you have geriatric clients.

My experience with Dr. Bell has been truly rewarding and has given me priceless tools to utilize in my practice.

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