Prior to completing Dr. Kimberley Bell’s course, ‘Assessment & Treatment of Dizziness, Vertigo & Dysequilibrium in Older Adults,’ subjective reports of dizziness and vertigo were a significant barrier to effective rehabilitation and a source of confusion and patient safety concerns. 

Following the course, I was immediately able to begin implementing effective vestibular techniques into practice with very effective results. The techniques that Dr. Bell incorporates into her course will help to allow you to improve the quality of patients’ lives much faster than many other strategies of rehabilitation.

One of the best aspects of the course was a great deal of lab time allowing one to feel comfortable with incorporating the techniques into daily practice. Other valuable aspects of the course were alternative methods to improve patients strength, balance, and functional mobility enabling higher quality physical therapy care.

I would absolutely recommend the course to any healthcare professional involved in any way with geriatric practice.

If you have always found Vestibular Rehabilitation to be an interesting but mysterious aspect of Physical Therapy practice that you would like to learn more about and incorporate into your own practice, this is the course for you!

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