If you suffer from Vertigo and think that there is nothing you can do, think again. Up until a week ago, I assumed that was the case, but then as luck would have it, I searched “treating Vertigo” on Google and came upon Dr Bell. Lucky for me she was in San Diego. A visit to Dr Kim Bell may be as close to a medical miracle as you can experience. She approaches it very methodically, first diagnosing exactly what type of vertigo you are experiencing. I had a very particular type of BPPV that is relatively rare but she was able to diagnose it within a couple of minutes.

My symptoms were severe spinning after I moved my head in certain directions. After diagnosing my specific issue, she moved to treating it. Within 15 minutes (and I am not kidding you, it was that short) she performed a couple of maneuvers that successfully treated my spinning. I was surprised that something that feels so severe could be treated so quickly and effectively without any medicine. I felt like I got my normal life back. I would highly recommend that if you have vertigo, do something about it. You don’t have to live with it. Dr Bell has treated thousands of people, she is an expert and can help you too.

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