Dr. Bell. You are an angel. People need to know what you did for me. I live in Maui. I contacted you via text on a Sunday hoping we could work remotely during the following week. You contacted me back the same day saying you didn’t work remotely but were willing to help me think things through.

You sent me a number of extremely helpful links, one of which pointed out a very unique and rare situation that seemed like it might fit my symptoms, and IT DID. I was cured THAT DAY. You also followed up with me the next day, no charge, just because you cared, and, well, I have no idea how to thank you. I’m not sure there is anyone that could have figured this rare form of vertigo out besides you. I owe you so much. My life is suddenly back to normal.

Shout out: If you have vertigo — SEE THIS DOCTOR. You will be in the best of hands!

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