Although I wasn’t a patient of, Kim Bell DPT, I would like to speak of her Integrity and Expertise that lead me to a path of healing.

Kim Bell DPT, has the most incredible “Integrity” of anyone I have ever met in Healthcare. She’s honest, and very caring, and because of her “Expertise” has the answers to resolve difficult issues that occur with dizziness, vertigo, and lack of balance.

The Integrity, Kim, displayed to me was when I contacted her for her services. She took a note from the intake form of where I reside. Through her Vestibular Rehab Network she referred me to the nearest location for me that was covered by insurance. Kim could have taken me on as a patient, but decided to give her Vestibular Family a chance to shine. And they did, even working blindly without a proper diagnosis.

Integrity #2

Then when I came to a crossroads and plateaued with Vestibular Therapy there, I took the bull by the horns and researched and found that I that my neck was likely the problem. So, then I went on her website and discovered that Kim had her C-1 & C-2 worked on. I contacted Kim and asked she herself did C-1 and C-2 therapy work. She said no and referred me, once again, to SPECIALIST Dr. Mercedes Cook, DC at Upper Cervical Care. Kim, not only referred me, but Kim called Dr. Mercedes’ office to call me and schedule an appointment. I got an appointment within 5 days. What SERVICE, right!

So, within 6 weeks, Dr. Mercedes had me back on the tennis courts comfortably with her GENTLE, NO TWISTING OF THE NECK TREATMENTS. And soon I’ll be competing again.

I am winning the battle of dizziness and gaining balance.

Contact her, as she can help you; even the most difficult cases.

Highest Regards to, KIM BELL DPT, (DOCTOR OF PHYSICAL THERAPY) for her Expertise and Integrity

Jan B.

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