Before I took Dr. Bell’s course, the biggest obstacles for me were not having the knowledge, skills, and confidence to feel comfortable with performing the correct dizziness and vertigo assessment tests and then providing the right treatment, especially working with the senior population.

Her training made me realize how I much I really did not know when it came to assessing and treating vestibular problems.

I had so many ah-ha moments and thought of many previous patients that I could have really helped if I had this training before. I think all PT’s should take this course, it is something we don’t learn in school, but is so valuable to have in our toolbox.

I really loved the way Kim presented the material, she made something complex easy to understand in a practical way.

I had taken one dizziness and vertigo course before, but I came away more confused and felt I did not really understand enough practically to apply the training with my patients the next week.

With this training, I felt confident to start to apply the assessment and treatment techniques right away as it made much more sense.

Other benefits of taking her course are, first of all, that Kim is such a dynamic speaker. She really keeps the class interesting and has a good pulse on making sure we are all learning and also having fun at the same time. Second, I feel that Kim’s knowledge and experience in this area allows her to bring a depth to the course I wasn’t able to get before. A third benefit is the structure of the course, and how it is taught. I think that is so important as one can get lost in learning obscure tests that we would very rarely use. Kim is able to cut to the chase and teach us what we will use the most in the clinic, which makes more sense to me.

I would highly recommend this course to all PTs. I think it is a ‘must’ as it fills a knowledge gap most of us never learned in PT school and it changes the way we look at dizziness and vertigo, which I realized is much more prevalent than I originally thought.

I think the material applies to many clinical settings from inpatient rehab to outpatient orthopedics. If you work in geriatrics, then it is a necessity to have these tools available, as dizziness and vertigo and repeated falls are so common.


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