I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Kim Bell. I had an intense Vertigo episode where I had to go to the ER by ambulance, was treated and released the same day with no true real treatment, just a prescription for nausea and dizziness medications, like I said no real treatment.

The next day I started doing my research online and found Dr. Bell. She returned my call within minutes and from the moment we started our conversation she showed she cared! Set an appointment for a house call!! That was incredible to me in this day and age!

It took only a few sessions (no medication) And she was able to effectively treat my complicated case of vertigo. She took the time to really make sure it was treated and followed up on a consistent basis to see how I was feeling.

There are so many (thousands) of people out there that live with this and don’t know what to do or think that there is no cure, they need to know about Dr. Kim Bell!

I highly recommend Dr. Bell to anyone with even a mild case of Vertigo. Call Her 🙂

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