The vestibular system is a very complex and intimidating system in our body that is hard to understand and grasp for a lot of people.

Kimberley Bell is an amazing instructor that takes her time to explain it in detail with many visuals, demonstrations, easy to read and follow charts, and a calming reassurance and openness to keep asking questions until you get it.

I learned so much in just one weekend of her course ‘Assessment & Treatment of Dizziness, Vertigo and Dysequilibrium in Older Adults’ and feel much more confident on treating my patients who are having dizziness and vertigo leading to many other problems.

And it shows…a lot of my patients are finally experiencing life free of dizziness and vertigo, or able to manage it much better for the more stubborn cases.

Kimberley Bell’s knowledge of the vestibular system, dizziness and vertigo is exceptional and I am thrilled she is going to continue teaching others to become better medical practitioners and help our community to live a happier, healthier life.

Her teaching style kept it interesting and easy to follow.  The hands-on training increased our confidence and skills with treating patients.

I really valued her availability to assist with the first treatment of a patient having vestibular involvement after the course and being able to call with further questions and guidance. I really value all the tools she gave us during the course: the big folder of information we made in the course that I refer to, the manual BP cuff and stethoscope which I use all the time now instead of the mechanical BP cuffs (which can be inaccurate and don’t allow you to hear the actual cardiovascular system), the highlighter and flashlight for ocular testing, the stopwatches, and – of course – our certificates at the end with the PT CEU units earned.

Kimberley – I really value meeting you as a teacher, coworker and great friend.  It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you and share positive ideas and life experiences. I recommend your course to other PTs all the time!  You are really amazing and I’m so happy and proud that you are moving forward in sharing your knowledge and teaching talent to the medical community who will really benefit from it like I have.  

Thank you for making me a better PT.

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