“The biggest obstacle I faced before meeting Kimberley was knowledge.

Knowledge is power in all walks of life and even caring for an elderly person. Our society does not prepare us for caring for a love one or the elderly until we are thrown in to a traumatic situation. Very few who delve into the world of caregiving because of an aging parent know anything about what preventative care is all about. There are many free resources out there via the internet. But the key word here is preventative care. I remember visiting one of our community based activity center for those over 55 years of age. I did so on the advice of a family friend. That’s all I had to go on starting my journey in caring for my mom [after she had a devastating fall that prevented her from returning back home to live alone and resulted in her living with me full-time].

This bit of advice [from the internet and senior community centers] can be helpful but it only scratches the surface of what lies ahead in the world of caregiving.

In my mind, I had a beginning and an end, but no middle. Kimberley filled in the middle. Her assessment of the situation was lightning fast because Kimberley pays attention to detail.

She first saw all the wonderful things about my mom’s living situation and managed mom’s recovery around that. Kimberley’s attitude and encouragement were always in the forefront of our time together all the while she treated my mom and developed a plan for me for the rest of my mother’s time with me.

She was invaluable to our success.

Kimberley comes from a place of genuine love by nature. She is a centered, thoughtful and focused doctor. She wasted no time in developing a plan for me with homework assignments that encouraged progress. A plan is everything! Kimberley didn’t forget about me, the caregiver. Every time she left my home, she would ask what I was going to do for myself that day.

Three other benefits of working with Dr. Bell include:

1. Shared knowledge. In that I mean she saw an opportunity to share caregiving information with me throughout our sessions whether it was an article, book or website.

2. Technical Information. I was up to date on all the basic tools I needed at home to monitor and care for my mom. No big expenses.

3. Follow up. Kimberley didn’t leave anything to chance.

“I felt very confident that I could care for my mom when our sessions had to come to an end.

I would highly recommend her services to other families and caregivers.  In fact, I would wait for Kimberley to be available, if the situation allowed.  

This young woman is a well-rounded doctor at the top of her game. She is dedicated to what she does and her heart is in it too. That’s a great combination.”


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