Before seeking treatment from Dr. Bell, I had been screened very briefly by a doctor who told me what I had was not BPPV. I felt very discouraged and wasn’t sure what was wrong or why I was experiencing vertigo.

This doctor also told me my symptoms would subside and it would just take some time.

After meeting with Dr. Bell, I was convinced once again that what I had was BPPV and that she could help me.

Dr. Bell was able to treat me in about 10 minutes and educated me on why this condition happens and the different factors that can contribute to the severity of it.

After just one treatment my symptoms were resolved.

I love that Dr. Bell has a holistic approach to her practice.

Besides the BPPV maneuvers she performed, she also guided me through various exercises to help me relax and was very patient and understanding when it came to the stresses I was feeling about having BPPV.

I would highly recommend seeing her to anyone with vertigo symptoms.

It was clear she took a real interest in my well-being- she even took the time outside of her appointment with me to follow up with a phone call and see how I was doing the following days.


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