Finding Kim Bell’s practice was a Godsend! She has treated and fixed my vertigo for the fifth time now! I can say without a doubt she is the best around!

I’m a 35 year old active male and I used to play full contact football. I suffered from dizziness off and on for years before the first time she fixed my dizziness.

I literally turned green during the first treatment but then my dizziness was all gone!

Since then, I have gotten vertigo four more times after big wave surfing. After I got rolled by a few big waves, I felt nauseous, dizzy and off balance. I was bumping into stuff, dropping stuff and felt foggy in my brain, so I contacted Dr. Bell again and she said it sounded like I had vertigo again.

Each time, she has fixed it in one or two sessions, thank God! I am back on my board in no time!

I am so grateful for Dr. Bell! No other doctor can treat vertigo like she does! So stoked I found her practice! She is worth every penny! A+

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