Hi! My name is Sue Grant. Dr. Kim Bell just fixed an extreme case of vertigo for me, and I was so thrilled with her help that I offered to shoot a short testimonial for her. I am so grateful to Dr. Bell – I would do anything to help spread the word at this point!

Here’s my story:

When I tilted my head back to shampoo my hair in the bathtub last week, I had such an overwhelming wave of vertigo that I literally had to grab on to the sides of the bathtub when I sat up. It was so intense – it felt like I would have fallen of the face of the earth if I didn’t hang on to the sides of the tub for dear life.

If you’ve ever had vertigo, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The word “dizzy” doesn’t even come close to describing the uncontrollable circular spinning and nausea. If you haven’t experienced this, count your blessings!

I contacted Dr. Bell right away because I knew that she is the best expert at treating vertigo in Southern California. Since she knows so well how desperate someone is experiencing this vertigo, she came to my house to treat me the very next day. Most Doctors would have had me talk to their secretary, wait weeks to be seen, and then rushed me through the process. You can imagine how thrilled I was when she offered to come fix me immediately. “Help is on the way!”

After a thorough and detailed evaluation, Dr. Bell figured out exactly what was causing my vertigo. Miraculously, she fixed it right away, but took the time to test and re-test to make sure that everything was cleared up. She was patient, calm, and understanding. She is so compassionate and attentive. I could tell that she really cared.

Dr. Bell couldn’t be more professional or experienced.
The techniques she uses are very intricate and complex, but she has been doing this for decades, so she is a master. I had total faith in her, for good reason!

But the best thing about her treatment is that it works!

However, I was horrified when friend of mine that had vertigo said they were going to try to save money and learn the maneuver on YouTube. NO! If done wrong, these moves can make the dizziness worse! Don’t even think about monkeying around and wasting your time and money with anything else but Dr. Bell.

I could go on and on and on singing Dr. Bell’s praises, but I honestly just can’t recommend her more highly. She is worth every penny.

Once she treats you, I predict that you too will be delighted to write a glowing testimonial for her, just like me!

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