After 16 years of chronic vertigo, I had an extreme episode where I could not function at all. I’m better today because of excellent care from amazing vestibular therapist Dr. Kimberly Bell, DPT. She is super experienced, skilled, careful, kind and compassionate. She did not give up until she had me cured and I’m eternally grateful to her.

Dr. Bell keeps up with the latest research and knows her field in great detail. She gave me a more careful physical exam than most doctors. She left me with tons of information and resources. And she followed up and kept working with me until she solved my very complex and long-standing case of vertigo. She is a master!

Even more, she is so kind and caring! She has a big heart and really takes care of her patients with compassion.

Of all the medical professionals I have ever seen, I would recommend her the highest. She knows her stuff and she is absolutely wonderful. Call her! She is worth every penny.

It is SO incredibly wonderful to get my life back! I definitely feel happier.

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