I have benefited immensely from Dr. Kim Bell and count her among my blessings in my journey to feeling normal again. She went up and beyond to ensure that I was cared for.

In addition to benefiting from her when I was going through my health challenges, she also connected me to a community of other professionals that have also been equally amazing (neurologist, manual physical therapist). Sometimes it’s not just one thing that causes dizziness…and she is connected to a community of professionals when other assistance is required, and this has been invaluable as well.

While her knowledge and expertise is why I initially sought her out, it was her compassion and kindness that I will never forget. She was there for me at very challenging time, and because of her, I got on the other side and back to being myself a quickly. I continue to learn from her and stay on track by reading her blog posts and following her informative articles on social media.

I’m a fan and would highly recommend anyone who is suffering from vertigo or dizziness to do yourself a favor and go meet this delightful human being who can help!

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