Do you know someone with dizziness or vertigo who feels discouraged about the possibility of a full recovery or a better life? Or feels misunderstood or disregarded by their healthcare providers? Maybe it’s you? If so, you may benefit from The Bell Method®.

Do know of someone who keeps falling repeatedly and doctors cannot figure out the cause? Maybe you are aware of the minor injuries that are occurring, like bruises and scrapes? And the fear of falling that is growing inside? Reducing their activities and quality of life? Losing muscle strength day by day due to reduced activity levels? Unable to work or play?

I have known thousands of people like that, and that is why I created The Bell Method® – a unique and complete methodology of evaluation and treatment for people of all ages who are suffering with dizziness, vertigo, balance problems and chronic falls.

What is The Bell Method®?

The Bell Method® is my comprehensive, detailed, root cause analysis approach to assessing and treating patients who are suffering with dizziness, vertigo, imbalance and unexplained repeated falls, as well as the stress, worry, confusion, hopelessness and sleep disturbance that often result.

In my clinical experience treating or consulting with thousands of patients with these complaints, I’ve blended evidence-based Physical Therapy techniques, Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation training and Geriatric Best Practices for reducing fall risk, with techniques, tools and self-care strategies that deliver results.

It’s what we do with our patients that has them exclaiming that a private consultation with my team is “worth every penny!”

Whether our patients have a new onset of vertigo symptoms or a chronic case for more than 40 years going from one doctor to the next with minimal results, they frequently experience the real possibility of getting their life back!

My team offers house calls for our private patients to perform a comprehensive, detailed Initial Root Cause Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment. Their family is encouraged to join us.

The Initial Root Cause Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment Specialty Consultation we offer includes:

  • A 30-minute pre-visit phone call – a chance for the new patient to discuss their symptoms, history and current complaints with the Vestibular Specialist Physical Therapist
  • A two-hour in-person hands on complex physical examination, with physical therapy treatment and self-care education
  • A follow up phone call to review the initial evaluation findings, response to treatment, exercises and self-care strategies, and discuss suggested next steps, including any physical therapy treatment recommendations with our team or referrals to other specialists that are indicated

We produce a list of contributing factors with treatment plan options, provide in-person education, offer free online resources, recommend multimedia e-courses that are available for purchase, and often create the possibility for a deep, complete recovery experience for the individual and their family.

In most cases, we act as a Special Consultant for Dizziness, Vertigo, Imbalance and Unexplained Repeated Falls. After my team or I perform the comprehensive, detailed Initial Root Cause assessment – which is the most important part – we then offer additional follow up visits, as single visits or visit packages, to meet the patient’s unique needs for rehabilitation and recovery, instruct the appropriate exercises and provide education, based on what we find in our initial assessment.

Some of our patients don’t require any follow up visits because they experience complete relief and feel empowered after only one session!

For our patients who require long term intensive therapy to build their muscle strength and improve their balance, we are often able to recommend home health or outpatient physical therapy services that are often fully or partially covered their insurance.

Even if we recommend physical therapy services for our patients with an insurance-based provider, we remain available for guidance by pre-paid post-care phone consultations and re-evaluation visits as the situation evolves. When possible, we arrange physical therapy services with a provider that I have personally trained in The Bell Method®.

The Bell Method® represents a rich, hands-on clinical skill set that I have also taught to hundreds of my colleagues through my physical therapy continuing education curriculum to enrich their clinical practice, to maximize their patient outcomes and to re-ignite their enthusiasm for working with their most challenging patients. 

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This blog is provided for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The details of any case mentioned in this post represent a typical patient that I might see and do not describe the circumstances of a specific individual.

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