I am in the unique position of being somebody who is not only a healthcare provider specializing in the inner ear, but I’m also a patient who has an inner ear problem myself. [In fact, I’ve had multiple inner ear problems since I was a kid.]

I’ve recovered from BPPV [four times so far], and I am living with a chronic “vestibulopathy.” This is a hypofunction in my inner ear which will continually decompensate [for the rest of my life] if I cycle through an illness, an episode of depression or anything that keeps me immobile for even a few days, like a debilitating migraine headache.

When I’m not as [physically] active, then my inner ear decompensates [from a lack of head motion and my feelings of dizziness, vertigo and imbalance return].

So, one of the things that I have learned to do – in order to be somebody who lives a rich, active and vibrant healthy life with a vestibular disorder – is to play music.

Because when I play music, I can get in touch with the deepest part of myself. And that is ultimately what I believe creates healing in all of us, to touch the true nature of ourselves [and to praise our Creator with music.]

Music allows me to connect with that part of myself – [my soul].

Music also helps me connect with other people, so I’m not as socially isolated. And it makes me move my head as I play my music everyday, so my vestibular system gets some activity. [My inner ear] has something to report – head motion – and it has something to process so that it stays in tip-top shape.

Music really helps to stabilize any emotional or mental fluctuations that I experience. Sometimes if I get anxious, or if I start to get overwhelmed and I get depressed, playing music helps me to stabilize my mental health. I also seek out appropriate medical care when necessary and I have doctors that I consult with for my own health.

My team of healthcare providers fully support the evidence-based strategy of music therapy to improve the quality of my life.

In terms of my well-being, music is something I have discovered that helps me stay well on an everyday basis.

It allows me to express myself, my creativity, my light – to add something beautiful to the world and raise up the vibration of all of creation. Hopefully you enjoy the music too. I know I do!


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