I have found music therapy improves my vestibular health and my emotional well-being.

I am in the unique position of being somebody who is not only a healthcare provider specializing in the inner ear, but I’m also a patient who has an inner ear problem myself. In fact, I’ve had multiple inner ear problems and vestibular migraines since I was a kid.

I’ve recovered from many episodes of BPPV, and I am living with a chronic “vestibulopathy.” This is a hypofunction in my inner ear which will continually decompensate for the rest of my life if I cycle through an illness, a migraine episode or anything that keeps me immobile for even a few days.

When I’m not as physically active, then my inner ear decompensates from a lack of head motion and my feelings of dizziness, vertigo and imbalance return.

So, one of the things that I have learned to do – in order to be somebody who lives a rich, active and vibrant healthy life with a vestibular disorder – is to play music.

Because when I play music, I relax and I forget about my to-do list!

Music allows me to feel better emotionally.

Music also helps me connect with other people, so I’m not as socially isolated. Music really helps to stabilize any emotional or mental fluctuations that I experience.

Playing music causes me move my head around as I play my music everyday, so my vestibular system gets some activity. My inner ear has something to report because head motion stimulates the vestibular system. Since it has something to process, my vestibular system stays in tip-top shape.

A lifetime of active head motion is required for people with vestibular hypofunction in order to maintain the brain’s compensation for the vestibular problem.

My team of healthcare providers fully support the evidence-based strategy of music therapy to improve the quality of my life.

In terms of my well-being, music is something I have discovered that helps me stay well on an everyday basis. Music therapy improves vestibular health and emotional well-being.

It allows me to express myself, my creativity and to add something beautiful to the world. 

Since I got saved on January 1, 2017, I now write and play worship music to praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Adding a spiritual aspect to my music therapy takes it to a whole other level!

I just finished writing and recording an original worship album that I will release this year in 2019 and I just performed two worship songs at my very first open mic night last Monday!



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