I provide medical care to geriatric patients in their homes, including those who reside in assisted living facilities. I began referring patients to Dr. Kimberley Bell in 2006, and she immediately made me look good. My patients let me know about the fantastic physical therapist who was visiting them. Over the years, I saw why she is so successful: she has a very high degree of dedication and contagious enthusiasm.

As Dr. Bell became increasingly involved in Geriatric Fall Prevention Programs, we had many conversations. She enlightened me about vestibular disease and shared my passion for investigating fall risk created by medications. I have met very few who are as driven to learn and improve as Dr. Bell.

When physical therapy is needed, I prefer therapists with training in Dr. Bell’s vestibular program. When these experts serve my patients, the patients, families and care staff all see the difference. I strongly recommend Dr. Bell’s “Dizziness, Vertigo & Dysequilibrium in Older Adults.”


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