Today we are going to answer a question that I frequently hear (FAQ) from my patients, which is, “Should I be supplementing with vitamin D to reduce my risk of falling?”

The answer is that it’s been thought for awhile, based on the research that has come out, that vitamin D supplementation does reduce the risk of falls.

However, more research has come out recently calling that finding into question.

Now my answer is that the research is “mixed” on whether or not vitamin D supplementation can reduce the risk of falling.

The current recommendation is that patients should talk to their doctor to get their vitamin D levels checked.

Your doctor may still recommend vitamin D supplementation, if you have a demonstrated deficiency of vitamin D for your overall well-being.

If you are wondering “Should I be supplementing with Vitamin D to reduce my fall risk?” then don’t forget to talk to your doctor to find out if vitamin D supplementation is right for you during your regular annual check-up.

For more comprehensive information on reducing fall risk, check out

Please note that the manufacturing and distribution of vitamins and nutritional supplements are not regulated by the FDA in the United States, so purchasing your nutritional supplements from reliable sources and reviewing lab testing results performed by independent third parties is important to ensure quality and consumer safety.


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