I am honored to have been nominated and elected by my physical therapy colleagues for a two-year term as a San Diego District Representative for the California Physical Therapy Association, a Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association.

I am pleased to serve my profession in this role, so please contact me if you have concerns or issues that you would like me to bring to CPTA or APTA regarding the practice of physical therapy.

My term of service leadership as a San Diego District Representative is currently through the end of 2017.


I am here for you.


This service leadership role as a San Diego District Representative reminds me of this Bible passage:

“All of you, clothe yourself with humility towards one another,

because, God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.”

-1 Peter 5:5


Blog Update on 1/12/18: I have recently completed my 2-year term as a San Diego District Representative for the California Physical Therapy Association. During that time, I had a chance to observe the San Diego Executive Committee, attend local CPTA leadership meetings and participate in the statewide meeting of all California District Representatives on behalf of my San Diego colleagues.

I continue to be an active member in the national American Physical Therapy Association and the local Chapter of the California Physical Therapy Association, as well as a regular contributor to the quarterly San Diego newsletter.

For more information about the California Physical Therapy Association, click here.


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